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Punishment for Weight


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    Originally posted by LA DEP View Post
    Little problem here.....

    The degree is required for promotion and not for continued employment

    If it was required for continued employment, and that condition was added AFTER you had completed the academy (and was not a condition that you agreed to when you signed on the dotted line) ect, then they would be required to allow you to study on duty.......
    Too much common sense…
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      Originally posted by LA DEP View Post

      We dont even have that.....if management even thought too hard about actually FIRING people for this, the union would have them in court for decades.......any major change to the MOU requires both sides to agree to it......

      One thing I have seen in a few agencies here in SoCal is a 'fitness incentive'....BHPD pays an additional amount of money per month if you pass the PT test at a certain level each year.

      One other roadblock that would be put up on this....if they are REQUIRING you to maintain a certain level of fitness, then they would also be required to provide time/equipment to maintain that level of fitness........just as they are required to send you on county time/dime to mandated training......
      Everything I read before this was looking like blah blah blah blah blah ....

      Thanks LA DEP. You actually made this make sense without bringing anyone's comments into it.


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        Originally posted by CH47Doc View Post
        Again, i disagree. If your department requires a degree for the next promotion, should they provide you study time on duty or should you be an adult and do it on your own time.
        Fireguys are in a staion for 24 hours. If/when theyre working out and get a call they stop what their doing and go to the call. they dont have 'PT Time' where their calls drop to another station. they also play x box, listen to music, read, play pool and other sorts of recreational activities. If you want these 'perks' than be a fireguy or work a 24hr shift everytime you go to work.
        If you know your PD has a fitness standard, the time to work on it is NOT while on duty.

        Your analogy isn't working. I'm pretty sure working out is programmed into the day of the firefighters in my city. True if they get a call they may have to leave, but then they go back and workout. Most cities have 3-4 more firefighers on duty at any given time than cops and they handle about 1/3 of the calls if not less. Not bashing firefighters, but they have plenty of time in their day to workout on the clock and it's an expectation along with cleaning the firetruck, cooking, etc. So if the department is going to hold an officer to a specific standard they have to provide time. If an officer has a psychological problem the department has to pay to send them to the shrink if it's something that could cause that officer to lose his/her job. We call it a fitness for duty review.


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          Ok, offer pay incentives/bonuses for current officers to be physically fit.

          Being physically fit would be measured by the same PT drill that was given to you in the academy.

          For new hires, make it mandatory before their hiring that they be able to pass the yearly PT drill or face disciplinary action and possible termination.

          "Physically fit" for this use of the term does not necessarily mean you are in good health or great shape, but does mean you are in better physical conditioning than others of your comparable size.

          The physically fit standard only applies to officers who spend more time on the street than not. Therefore, this would exclude most brass, detectives, and officers that function in a support role.

          Is that how it should be?

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            ^ on a segway, no less ^

            but I'm sure they all mean well and are nice people - they shouldn't be punished by being held to any standards. Besides, they can probably crush a man's skull with one hand!


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              Well, 2 of them appear to be SGTs so they shouldn't have to do any physical work...

              Edit: Is that second cop wearing a doo rag? LOL


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                Originally posted by Nobody View Post
                but I'm sure they all mean well and are nice people - they shouldn't be punished by being held to any standards. Besides, they can probably crush a man's skull with one hand!
                That depends, is the man in question holding a particularly delicious bucket of KFC chicken?
                Seriously, the only reason I wanted to be a cop was so I could post anywhere on this forum.


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