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My knee's bust


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  • My knee's bust

    Has anyone out there had keyhole surgery (an arthoroscopy (sp)) for cartilage damage to their knee?
    My left knee has been giving me some grief over the last couple of months (running and cycling really don't help) and I had to see the police physio yesterday. He went apoplectic when he saw me and asked why I hadn't seen him sooner (I was refered to him in April but that's red tape)He has refered me for a scan and then possibly the op.
    1) have you had the op?
    2) how long did it take to get back to your normal fitness level
    3) is your knee better or is it, as I have heard form others, shagged now forever????
    The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit

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    I've had two on my left knee.

    The first one was back in 85. Arthroscopy at the time was a fairly new thing. The first operation took 4 hours I stayed in the hospital three days.
    I stayed home from work with my leg in a soft cast for 3 weeks.

    They have come a long way since then. I had another about two years ago. I went in, stayed a few hours and came home. I stayed out of work for three weeks. Had I worked at a desk job, he told me I could go back within 3 or 4 days, but since I stand alot and move alot on concrete he thought it would be a good idea for me to let it heal completely.

    I hurt it playing basketball. I tore about half of my meniscus. I got a rebound and when I went to pass it off ,I turned my whole body,using my left foot to pivot. Only problem was my left foot didnt pivot, it stayed in one spot while all of my 235 pound frame twisted around it. It was loud enough that everyone stopped playing and looked at me. I knew I was hurt, I just didnt know how much.

    I woke up the next day thinking itd be better when I woke up. It wasnt. I went to the doc and he scheduled me for surgery (I went in on a Wendsday)for Friday morn. I went and got another opinion and was told exactly the same thing.

    The knee did great for 15 years or so. Then it started hurting again, constantly. Somewhere along the line I had trashed it again, I dont know when though.

    SO I got cut again, and now the pain is gone...for awhile anyway.

    Once you get cut, you have to realize that they are taking stuff out of your knee that is there for a reason. The meniscus is the bearing pad for your leg bones. It is what keeps you from going to bone to bone contact.Once you go bone to bone, your bones abrade against each other and arthritis sets in. Then you go back to constant pain again.

    The amount of time you can go in between operations depends on how bady you trashed your knee out the first time.In my case I had about 60 % of mine cut out, this put me in an "Unstable Knee" condition.

    After the first op. the doctor told me "you 'll be back. After the second op. the doctor told me the same thing.Once you've been cut, its just a matter of time till you have to go back for more.

    If you are in constant pain from your knee, I reccomend you get it done. Right now, I am pain free. For two years I wasnt. Fact of the matter is, the more you hobble around on a leg that hurts, the more you damage it. Dont do that. Get if fixed, it'll be easier on you in the long run.

    I hope this helps. If you need more let me know.
    "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

    Norman Thomas


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      I’ve never had knee surgery but I would think running on a bad knee would be worst thing you could do. For pain try a hot compress. Feel better.


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        Thanks for that, lots of info. I had a feeling I might have to have a season ticket when I have it done. My physio said that there's some swelling under the knee cap and they will probably give it a "flush and scrub" under there (ewwwwwwww)

        Yeah I know, but I have to keep going to keep my fitness up (there is a reason for it)
        The physio said that because of my fitness levels etc, I can carry on training but has showed me how to tape and support the knee. I have but the cycling out, that was the real killer.
        The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit


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          Soho Bandit,this is an overview of the funtion/dysfunction of the knee.



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            This will make you laugh.
            I did as the physio told me and went and saw my doctor today. I go in and he asks me what is wrong. I give a brief explanation and point out the outside part under my knee where the pain is. He tells me to get up on the table and bends my leg up and down 3 times. He then sticks his fingers in the inside part of my lower knee asking me "does this hurt" I tell him "No, because it's the other side of my knee" (nowhere near where he's f**king about) He then walks back to his computer and as he sits down says "hmmmmm, I'm not convinced its cartilage damage" I tell him I would like him to refer me to the hospital so they can scan it. He says "OK, but the pain will probably be gone by the time they see you"
            I held my tongue and walked out.
            Now who would you listen to? A fully qaulified physiotherapist who works for the Met Police who spends 40 minutes on questions, observation and hands on comparison testing or a General Practioner who spends most of his time prescribing arse cream to old age pensioners with Heamorroids?
            Why is it so hard to find a GP who has a knowledge of sports injuries etc???????
            The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit


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              Sweet_Kate, read your PM
              The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit


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                I had the same surgery as Watchman. The torn part of the left meniscus was removed. I haven't had much trouble with it since then. But, I didn't go to post-op physical therapy. That was probably a nmistake. I don't have the range of motion (in flexion) that I should. Don't skip the therapy.


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                  I wouldnt go to a GP. I'd go to a orthopedic surgeon. One that specializes in arthoscopy.

                  General Practicioners are just that: General Practicioners. They are like a jack of all trades but master of none.

                  The Orthopedics are up on the latest technolgy and techniques and as I can personally attest to, they have come a long ways in a few years.

                  Dont take the chance. You've got to walk on that leg for the rest of your life. Get it right the first time.Let somebody that does it everyday for a living do it, not someone that does it once or twice a month.

                  Good luck.
                  "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

                  Norman Thomas


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                    SOHO, my old girlfriend had the op about 3 years ago and is fine now. She is a keen cyclist and doesn't suffer any problems. However, like some of the others have posted, you must give it time to heal totally otherwise it will play you up.
                    I was nearly in the same boat as you, but I've managed to get to the physio early, so I'm off to Goring next week for 10 days of intensive physio on my knee and lower back. Should be a laugh, I'm told that beers
                    Scream if you wanna go faster


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                      Oh Peeler you jammy jammy git. Have a great time down there, I had 10 days in 98 after a head injury. Beer is cheap, but the spa pool is better!!
                      Enjoy it mate, you paid for it.
                      The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit


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                        My knee caps don't track right due to me being tall and having a muscle imbalance. It's called "patella subluxation" and the pain and condromalatia(I know it's spelled wrong), the rice crispies sound that comes from my knees, mean I may have to get knee replacements at 40 years of age.

                        I never should have had the first cartilage surgery. I have to keep going back. Hopefully cartilege replacement will be viable before it's too late for me.

                        -Don't run, it ain't worth it in the end. I use the eliptical rider nine months a year then run just prior to the annual physical test,

                        -Cycling is great for the knees just don't use too much resistance and remember to PULL on the pedals not push.


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                          I have bad knee problems with my right knee. it's mostly the inner side of the knee. so far, with xray, the diagnosis is arthritis. i had an MRI, but have not seen the doctor yet about the results. (its been a couple weeks, he didnt call me, and i havent had time to). i plan on seeing an Ortho doc. my GP misdiagnosed/mistreated (f-d up!) my ankle, after the ER did the same. it will never be right. i ended up with a cast on it 3 months after the original injury...

                          my knee pain seems to go in *spells,* but when i'm having a spell, its constant and horrible, like a knife sticking in it. and its the worst when i lay down and try to sleep...

                          i will be anxious to hear what happens with your knee, and about any surgery, etc.
                          "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                            Well, I went back for physio yesterday. He left my knee alone but worked on putting my hip back into place. It has started to rotate backwards to compensate for the knee. I go again on Friday. I'm fairly surprised, that's 3 appointments in just over a week. I know a lot of other officers who only go to the physio once a month (but then again, they're fat knackers who are off sick and are being made to go, where as I am super fit freak)
                            The artist formerly known as Soho Bandit


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                              Physical therapy taught me exercises to get my knee tracking right and keep it there.

                              I also can't recommend enough using weights. I go as heavy as I can go for 15-30 reps with about 50 to 75% range of motion depending on the execise. I just never bend my femur(upper leg) to with 90 degrees of the lower leg. Don't leg extension either if you have a cartilege problem leg extensions believe it or not cause incredible shearing forces on the kneew.

                              Lifting prevents the joint from getting weak and prevents bone spurs from becoming a problem. better to deteriorate from a postion of strenght than one form weakness. My doctor said my knees would be a lot worse than they are now because he based his opinion on what most people in position do about it:nothing.


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