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Route 66 Law Enforcement and Fire Rally


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  • Route 66 Law Enforcement and Fire Rally


    This is an open invitation to participate with our group of police
    car and emergency vehicle enthusiasts in the second annual 'Route 66
    Law Enforcement and Fire Rally'.

    If you are interested, please continue to read the press release

    This years rally, supporting the nations law enforcement and
    firefighters, will travel from New York City to Santa Monica,
    California starting September 8, 2002. Route 66 Patrol is
    organizing the 2800 mile cross-country road trip to increase public
    awareness of our countries law enforcement agencies and firehouses,
    said event organizer, Chris Yelland. We are also raising funds for a
    National Route 66 Police and Fire Museum to be build along the
    historic highway, Yelland added.

    Participation in last years rally included over 75 vintage and in-
    service patrol units. We had a restored 1955 Buick patrol unit from
    the 1950's hit television series "Highway Patrol." Kelly Crawford
    (son of the series' star Broderick Crawford) joined car owner Gary
    Goltz on the entire trip from Chicago to L.A.

    Both restored vintage and current patrol units are welcome to
    participate in this years 14-day event from 'Ground Zero' in New York
    City to Santa Monica, California. This event has been planned to
    promote the heritage and history of Law Enforcement on the most
    famous highway in the world – U.S. Route 66. Special events have
    been planned along the way, including a Police/Fire parade in San
    Bernadino, California, said Yelland. Actor Martin Milner will serve
    as Grand Marshall. Milner was the star of the hit 1960's TV
    series "Route 66" and "Adam-12.

    New York City Visit:
    This years event will include a special three day pre-rally leg from
    New York City to Chicago. Participants will visit 'Ground Zero' in
    New York City to pay their respects to all those who lost their lives
    in the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001. In addition to civilians
    that lost their lives in this tragedy, we will be honoring members of
    NYPD, PAPD and FDNY who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of
    duty. This part of the trip will add 3 days to the 11-day Route 66
    event for a total of 14 days on the road.

    Rally Schedule
    9/8 New York City, NY.
    9/9 Cleveland, OH.
    9/10 Chicago, IL.
    9/11 Springfield, IL.
    9/12 St. Louis, MO.
    9/13 Carthage, MO.
    9/14 Tulsa, OK.
    9/15 Oklahoma City, OK.
    9/16 Amarillo, TX.
    9/17 Albuquerque, NM.
    9/18 Flagstaff, AZ.
    9/19 Williams, AZ.
    9/20 Kingman, AZ.
    9/21 San Bernadino, CA.
    9/22 Santa Monica, CA.

    Our Purpose:
    To promote a better understanding of Law Enforcement and Firefighting

    To show interdepartmental solidarity for the nations police and fire

    To promote awareness of the history of Law Enforcement on the most
    famous highway in the world - Route 66

    To raise funds and establish the Route 66 Law Enforcement and Fire

    For more information about participating, visit our website or drop
    me a line.
    Chris Yelland
    Route 66 Patrol
    302 W Nolana
    McAllen, Texas 78504
    956-630-0341 - Phone
    956-630-6595 – Fax
    [email protected]
    Greg's Myspace
    My Photos on Flick'r

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