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I am upset, need a little advice...


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  • I am upset, need a little advice...

    So, the other day I had just come home from working out and I was sitting in the living room watching television relaxing with my wife and our new baby. We hear a knock on the door and the door bell ring.

    My wife was expecting one of her freinds to be stopping by so she went to get the door. My wife was carrying our baby. I stayed on the couch. The front door is right around the corner and I could hear everything, but you cant see in where I am.

    My wife opened the door and I heard a guys voice. He immediately asks if he can come in and speak with my wife about an important message. My wife is very polite and kind of a timid person.... my wife is very small in stature.

    She does not invite the guy in but asks what the man needs. The man goes on to ask her if she is ready for the end of the world Blah, Blah, Blah. The man offers her a pamphlet which she opens the screen door to take... Jehova's Witnesses...

    I am interested now, and am standing up on the other side of the door where he can not see me. I thought it would be entertaining...

    My wife says that she is not interested... the man continues talking to her and then asks her if anyone has ever talked to her about his church... she again states that she is not interested and backs away from the door... the man continues talking saying the message is very important ETC. My wife again... says I am not interested and I have to go now... The man is standing in our screen door with it open and his back holding the door open. My wife had opened it for the pamphlet.

    I could not believe it but the guy kept talking and standing at our door. My wife had backed away from the door... I was upset now.

    I came around the corner. Now like I said, I had just got home from lifting. I had a bandana on my head, was all sweaty and I looked all scurvy. I am not a small guy and I think the guy immediately knew I was upset.

    The first thing I said... and it just came right out... "she said we are not interested A$%#$OLE something wrong with your hearing?" I surprised myself because I am normally a pretty quiet guy was well.

    The guys eyes got huge and he immediately backed up and put his hands up... He began to apoligize and walk away from the front door. I followed him very closely as he walked out to my driveway to a car full of people. I was mad and asking him "do you know what not interested means"... I dont remember what I all said... the guy kept walking away saying something like sorry sir, have a good day...

    Another guy got out of the drivers seat and came around the car and said "sir we are leaving, sorry if we upset you..." I told him if he was leaving to "get the F*&* back in his car and go"... they both got in and left.

    I dont know about you guys but one thing I am more protective of in this world is my family. It really makes me angry to think that someone has the right to come on my property and try to strongarm my wife and push their religion on me.

    I had a long talk with my wife about how to handle strangers at the door and to never open it ETC... to be firm... Basically I told her thought to never answer the door if she does not know who it is.

    There are two Jehova Witness churches in this area... Should I write them both a letter describing the situation and giving them and their members a trespass warning, or will this just give them all my address and bring more attention to me...

    We get about 3-4 a Jehovas Witnesses a year and they normally are not that much of a problem. When I talk to them, one solid "not interested, please leave" is all it ever takes from me... and they promptly leave. But this guy....

    Any advice or similar stories... ???
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    LOL, I just tell them I'm a Druid (reformed)
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    The real deal

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      "I'm Irish catholic, you won't convert me. Please leave quickly and quietly."

      or I just don't answer the door, I've only had to deal with them a handful of times.


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        I had this happen to me as well at home. I do not enjoy listening someone else tell me about another god, I have mine and I believe that he is the only one.

        I told the individual to leave, that guy then says "I understand you need help understanding our religion..." I told him that I didn't need to understand, and that he needed to leave. I am normally a VERY soft spoken person (outside of work, at work different story), but this guy didn't listen to my 3 request for him to leave. I had my holster on because I had just got back from shooting, it was hidden behind the door for the first half of the contact. I then stepped out so my entire body was visible, the guy immediately saw the holster and firearm.

        At that point I asked him politely to leave, he looked at the firearm, looked me in the eye, looked at my firearm...this happened about three times he then said "Well sir, have a good day." Why does it take for them to see that to listen to us to please leave us alone?
        Originally posted by hobbsie711
        THAT WAS LIKE A TACTICAL #%#^&$# SLAP!!!
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          How about a chalk outline of a body by the front door with a few Watchtower tracts scattered around. Works for me!


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            They used to come around here, but not anymore...They're now outside the supermarkets, passing out pamphlets...I hate the whole it's the end of the world stuff...They use the wars and all that to try to get their message across, If I may steal Smurfette's words, bless their hearts...

            The guy that was at your door probably didn't know better, and was pushing it...Most will leave you alone once you tell them "No thank you"...
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              Good for you!!! As a child, my brothers and I were watching TV one evening when a member of JW or a door to door salesman (we never found out which and they're really both the same anyway) rang our bell. My mom was in the shower, and shouted "Get the door!" Rather than getting up to see who it was (this was the 60's), one of us just called out, "Come in!"

              The guy stepped in the doorway and our dog instantly went on the attack. She wasn't a vicious dog, but very defensive of the family and she only chased him out to the porch. I assume he's stopped running by now, but I never got the opportunity to know for sure if he was selling salvation or vacuum cleaners.
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                That man should be slapped for not respecting your wife. I hate it when people try to take advantage of people and their family too. Your wife said not interested, he needs to get that and stop bothering her. Glad you were there to help him know how to leave someone alone.
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                  I wouldn't have been as polite as you! My wife would have ripped him a new one anyways. I don't mess with her


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                    As a practicing Catholic, all I can say is, you handled it OK. Some people have a problem with basic English. This guy was one of them.


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                      I always leave the storm door closed and locked, there is no screen, just the plexi window. I can see just fine and if the solicitor has to speak up, well, then he should quit mumbling. I don't even bother to open it because unknown/unexpected people at my door never have anything I want.

                      These guys may have or may not have been real JWs, but I don't offer strangers access to my home lightly.
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                        I had a friend whose Grandfather used to tell these guys that if they wanted to come into his house & talk religion they had to do it naked! That usually shocked 'em & sent them on their way----you could try that! Other than that, I sona s I hear anything dealing with religion I simply slam the door..............


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                          Originally posted by RoadKingTrooper View Post
                          LOL, I just tell them I'm a Druid (reformed)
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                            This happened to me also. My sister answered the door. Twas a Morman. He was also the pushy type. She said, no, we're not interested. He kept insisting. I came out behind him in full uniform and gave him this evil look. When he saw me he almost fell. He was soo scared. What a priceless look. LOL.
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                              Originally posted by yangsTa View Post
                              This happened to me also. My sister answered the door. Twas a Morman. He was also the pushy type. She said, no, we're not interested. He kept insisting. I came out behind him in full uniform and gave him this evil look. When he saw me he almost fell. He was soo scared. What a priceless look. LOL.
                              I've had the Mormons come to my house, they are extremely insistent. I finally got mad and asked how they KNEW the president of their church was truly a prophet (It's their belief that ALL of the presidents including Smith is a 'prophet'.) and how has this 'prophet' proven it to them. They mostly say they 'pray about it' if they have doubts. I tell them if they have doubts that he is not a prophet then he probably isn't... They always go away.

                              Never any problem with the JW's - they are actually pretty decent here - funny too.


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