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Pregnant women's records


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  • Pregnant women's records

    Iowa D.A. Seeks Data on 100s of Prenatal Patients

    The president of Iowa Planned Parenthood may be jailed for refusing to provide a county attorney--investigating the gruesome death of an abandoned newborn--with the names of 100s of clinic patients whose tests indicated that they were pregnant.

    This is sort of like the thread on taking pictures of ppl on street corners.

    I just read about this yesterday for the first time. This link is the best one I could find to explain the whole story. It's kind of scary to me- I wouldn't want them going to my doctor and looking through my medical records, then questioning me.
    And yet, I want them to find out who the hell did this to that baby.

    Unlike the thread on pictures of ppl standing on street corners, I do think women that go to a clinic like this have a BIG expectation of privacy. I also think that a mother who would give birth and put her baby in a recycling center probably wasn't receiving prenatal care at a clinic, or had even gone there for a pregnancy test. (meaning they probably won't be amongst those records anyway.)

    Thoughts? Have there been any cases like this before where investigators have been able to go through medical records in order to find a BG?

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    This really sounds like fishing to me. It would also take a lot of leg work to exclude 100's of women who may or may not have even gone to that clinic.

    Everytime I have gotten medical records for a criminal case, I had a specific person in mind.
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      That D.A. and sheriff are idiots. A pregnancy test is not medical information? Right. Besides, maybe the mother was not a Planned Parenthood client. They should fight it all the way, and embarass the D.A. in front of a real judge, not some local who's in league with him. This whole thing smacks of religious zealotry.
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        Here in the state of Iowa the majority of the people feel that the records should remain private. The director was ordered to hand over the records and he refused to comply so now he is going to jail. I think that the records are still safe.

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