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    Hello All

    Well...I dunno how to say...erm...I am having problems with people and friends at work and in the city...Why do people treat each other so bad and misunderstanding? I've never seen any of you but here I feel myself more warm welcomed than I have in the real life and real people (I mean people that i saw,smell,touch etc. 5 senses)

    I really have problems. I dunno problems are coming out of me or them? I have just 3-4 friends who understands me and accepts me as I am. I have hypertansion and I am just 27. I just have new illness called ulcer. I spit out blood at work and people just laugh at me. I have great relationships with my lieutenant and my captain. They try to help me much BUT....I finally started to go to psychaitrist. I have psychiatric thrapy for 3 months and still going.(Sorry for my English...I hope you understand what I mean) I dont know whats going out there or whats going on me? What the hell has happened? Where are people? Where are friends? Where is love & friendship? Where are we going?

    I am so sorry...
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    Stay Safe, @NeoCop

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    Neo, we have no way of knowing what is going on with you, but I suspect you are under one hell of a lot of stress. One thing I believe is extremely important to you though is that you go to a Medical Doctor and get a thorough physical checkup. I mean a REAL thorough one.

    Hopefully you are right about ulcers, but don't take a chance that you could have something a lot more serious there. If you are barfing blood, it does NOT sound good to me!
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      Neo, I agree with Don. Spiting up blood is NOT good. If your ulcer "perforates" (breaks open), then you could have massive bleeeding that could take your life. So get to a doctor. Also, learn to take time from your day to simply relax by yourself. Listen to soft music, do slow breathing exercises. You are to young to be having these problems and they are usually caused by seveer stress.
      The people that laugh at you were taught no compassion when they were growing up and could never understand what it's like to go through what you are going through.
      So, just be glad you have the friends you have. I have learned to "be my own person". That means I have friends but I don't worry about what people think about me. I am just me and if they think that's funny or bad, that's THEIR problem not mine.
      I guarantee you, there are plenty of people in here with great stress in their lives. Some do better then others. I recently had to go on an anytidepressant because I had so much stress in my life, I almost had a nervous breakdown. And the antidepressant helps calm me a lot.
      And you know you have friends here. Let us know how you are doing.


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        Don and Mitzi are right, go get some help for yourself. We all have are ups and downs with people. Take care of youfirst.

        By the way NeoCop...

        I went to your webpage, I enjoy the nice pictures
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          Neocop get to a Medical Doctor like everyone else has suggested. If possible try and see if you can take some time off and get yourself together. You are no good to anyone or yourself if you are working under these conditions. Write us back and let us know how you doing. There are a lot of caring people on here. Good luck and get to the doctor.
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