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A cops first day


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  • A cops first day

    You guys/girls got any funny stories from your first day out alone on the job?

    like bogging your patrol car down in a median , leaving it locked with your lights & siren going, heheh I wont name the guy who did it lol
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    I was on the beat alone, and I went up to one of the old drunks in town and spoke to him.
    He looked at me, shook his fist and told me I would get more hooks than a fisherman if I didnt clear I did....quickly
    I was 19 at the time and just a baby.....


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      I get issued one of the most decrepit patrol cars we had. Ran like an old coffee grinder, and I noticed it was running on fumes, so I take it to the gas station we had a contract with.

      I fill it with gas, check the oil, and had to add 2 quarts. Checked the tranny, and have to add a quart. Checked the tires, and all were nearly flat. Topped off the radiator, the brake fluid, and the power steering fluid. Oh, and I washed it, too!

      I hit the road, and noticed a profound difference in how the car ran and handled. But then I noticed that smell. The best way to describe that smell was chili in a dirty sneaker!

      All night, that smell would not quit haunting me; I finally parked the car in a well lit lot, removed all the equipment that was in the car, dug out all the pop bottles and papers from under the seats, when I found the culprit. A half eaten cheap burrito, complete with green fungus!!

      I tried to take it out; it was glued to the carpet. I go back to my personal car, get into my tool box, and obtain my putty knife. Using that, I was finally able to evict that stinky burrito. Scrubed the spot with some upholstery cleaner, sprayed half a can of Lysol in the car, and that darned car actually smelled good for a change!

      It was a long time before I could ever eat another burrito.
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        lol DMS that was funny but eewwwwww
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        Because online Safety Is Not A Game


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          MY first day on patrol I got lost in the back woods area. Took me almost fifteen minutes to find my way back. After that time I studdied all the maps I could get my hands on so I would never get lost again. So far it has helped a lot.

          Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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            My first night as a reserve at a S.D. I left the back door open after checking the back seat and backed the car and sprung the door.

            My first night on the streets of the big city was another story. Scared the heck out of me, but I did drop a huge cup of coffee inside the patrol car.


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              I posted this one in the Rookie Corner a couple of months ago, but it bears repeating.

              So there I am, my first shift in uniform and my FTO tells me I'm going to drive the squad all night.

              As we're cruising around, he's asking me questions based upon my homework -- what's the justification for the use of deadly force?, when can you use OC?, what report do you fill out in a use of force incident, etc.

              Then he asks, "Can a squad go through a red light without its lights and siren on?"

              Though it wasn't part of the homework, I know the answer to this one. I say, "No."

              He responds, "Then why did you?"

              Gulp. I look in my rearview mirror to see the light at the intersection we just came through turning green.

              "Sh*t," I say, "I guess I'm getting a '1' on the 1 to 5 scale today, huh?"

              "We'll see how the rest of the shift goes," he says.

              I ended up with a 4 for the shift. Maybe it helped that I offered to write myself a citation.

              Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                First day as a reserve po-leece in FTO:
                My very first call EVER that was assigned to me as a LEO was half-way into the day shift-"check for careless and reckless driving-a white Lincoln Town Car-in the vicinity of the upper ********* Intersection of US 70."

                I was TREMBLING as I said "10-4, enroute" but I was riding with a man that had over 23 years in, and he said "Oh it'll be gone by the time we get there...besides, I need to take these new gate keys around to some people" (read: personal errands!) SO I DID NOT get to "take" my first call!

                First day as a full time officer, but still in FTO with that agency, I was assigned to a heinous unsolved crime-"unkwown persons did take, steal, and carry away five of Mrs. Burns tomato stakes from her garden." [Eek!] [Eek!]

                First day ALONE, TWO HOURS after being released from FTO to full patrol, I met a car on a 4 lane 45 zone "in excess of 90 mph!!!!!!!" (or so I yelled into the radio-the suspect told me later that it was dead on 75) and then couldn't give my location for the stop when the suspect darted into a mobile home park and tried to hide (hey I went to that agency for ACTION-I didn't know the area, especially out in the county where we ended up), and THEN, T H E N didn't turn my walkie on (hey this was all new to me!), bringing EVERY WORKING OFFICER, DETECTIVE, DOG CATCHER, AND INDEED, THE CHIEF OF PO-LEECE from the office, Code 3 when they couldn't get me!!!!!!!!!!!


                Of course I also forgot to turn off my blues when I cleared, till the CAPTAIN came on and said "Turn off ya lights, L-29!"

                <Siiiiiggghhhhh> fourteen years later... [Frown]
                People have more fun than anybody.


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                  Sorry, I can't recall my first day.


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                    My first day I talked about above in the big city. We had a disturbance call and the door was locked, we went to the windows and saw a dead body on the floor. We kicked the door with guns drawn clearing the house. I thought what the heck had I gotten into. Next call was a man with a gun, we bail out and here comes the man with the gun, I dive behind a tree and think what the heck am I doing here.
                    That was my first night, I wasn't with my real FTO he was off. The next night he comes and what a looser. He had to sleep and told me to just drive up and down this street. I was not suppose to drive. I see something suspicious and make the block. The chase was on with a stolen truck. That looser FTO will never forgive me.


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