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The tiny weapon and laws of USA and countries of Europe. NEED HELP!!! (from Russia)


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  • The tiny weapon and laws of USA and countries of Europe. NEED HELP!!! (from Russia)

    The help is necessary for me!

    I attend sale of the tiny weapon. These are patterns of fire-arms in 4-5 times of the smaller size, than first copies. All these tiny patterns completely acting. Some characteristics of patterns: calibre of 2.8 millimeters, speed of a bullet - 440-480 meters per one second, bulk of a bullet - 0.1 grammes. The "know-how" of smaller patterns under a cartridge of calibre of 1 millimeter is fulfilled also. Patterns will decrease some more time in three. Thus the scale of such patterns will be 1/10 - 1/15 and they will shoot certainly!

    I am interested with the following question. I want to sell these patterns in USA and countries of Europe. How these are classified divide under laws of these countries? How them to import into these countries? I want to make this business honestly not entering in conflicts to laws of these countries.

    Help me please! Inform the information!!! Or even tell where I can find this information?

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    Hello Fedor, and welcome to officer.com.

    Your topic is already in the firearms forum, and we only want topics opened in one forum, so I am closing this one. Anyone wishing to respond may do so in the Firearms Section.


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