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    Okay all you TN officers... what's up with this?

    What's up with this?

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    Something must be really wrong with their facility, not just because of the escape, but because they have a Court Appointed Jail Monitor.

    Never heard of anything like that. I have heard of the Justice Dept. monitoring correctional facilities, but never a court appointed jail monitor.


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      IIRC, the court-appointed jail monitor stemmed from allegations that several jailers were involved in drug dealing within the confines of the jail a few years ago.

      As for the escape/nonrepair, NOTHING in Tennessee LEO circles surprises me anymore.....especially if CCA is involved in any shape, manner or form.
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        My brother is a CO for a min. secuity prison in Tennessee. He says their whole system of doing things is backwards. He likes his job but he wants to be a PO so bad. I've tried to talk him into going from reserves to active duty in the Marines. I don't like him being a CO, and I don't want him being a PO. He's my baby brother. I worry for him. Can't help it.


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          Originally posted by kateykakes:
          I've tried to talk him into going from reserves to active duty in the Marines. I don't like him being a CO, and I don't want him being a PO. He's my baby brother. I worry for him. Can't help it.
          katey, ya know I luvs ya, so take this in the spirit it is meant. MYOB YA BOOB!

          If "baby brother" is old enough to be a C/O he is certainly old enough to take care of himself. Quit tryin' to change his diapers!
          6P1 (retired)


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            What do you call an TN farmer with a sheep under each arm?
            A pimp.
            6P1 (retired)


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              When I tell my brother these things, he just rolls his eyes at me. He knows I care, but I also know he's going to do what he wants to do. I just talk to hear myself talk!


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                It has to be a Clinton conspiracy. After all, Memphis is almost in Arkansas, LOL.


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                  Unfortunately, CCA has nothing to do with this one. This is strictly SCSD (Shelby County SD) jailers at their finest.

                  The court-appointed monitor is because the SD and the county commission ignored jail conditions for years; a local lawyer started suing federally on behalf of prisoners and started winning. But they still ignored the real problems and only made half-assed efforts to comply with the judges orders. So the federal judge appointed a monitor to oversee the process and still the powers-that-be thought that if they ignored the monitor long enough, they would just go away. Only this judge was having none of that, he ordered that the county mayor, the entire board of commissioners, the sheriff and his command staff would be jailed immediately if he had the first indication that they weren't complying with his orders or stonewalling the monitor.

                  As a result, the county is now expanding the jail, is citing most misdemeanor prisoners and releasing them, they are now separating prisoners by gang affiliation, by violent vs. non-violent offenders, and by greater use of medical screening at booking.

                  Apparently the only criteria for employment as a jailer here is that you're a living, breathing body (although that's questionable in some cases); they have buffaloed the county into raising their pay to the level of street dep's without the benefit of the same training; when hiring new deps now, the county must take a certain percentage of jailers into the class before other applicants are considered.

                  This escapee shouldn't even have been at the county jail, he had already been convicted of a killing. But that's Tennessee for you.

                  Don't even get me started on the police dept; that's a whole 'nother big nasty can of worms.


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                    I'm not even going to start.

                    One day it'll all be metro and even MORE f****d up than a football bat.

                    I keep trying to figure out what it is about some departments. Some are great, and others tend to go down the toilet with no hope of return.

                    It's going to be interesting after the upoming election.

                    I'm glad I moved!


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