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Political prisoners in Cuba


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  • Political prisoners in Cuba


    why doesn't someone go and grab her?

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    It's because you do not have the freedom or anonymity to move around in Cuba like we do in the US and you cannot enter or leave the country without government permission.

    It would not be difficult to get a team in to grab her. However, you cannot count on the assistance of any Cubans. All Cubans are required to belong to their neighborhood Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), a form of neighborhood watch. The problem is that it's also a snitch system, so you never know who you can trust and wherever you go, a member of the CDR who sees the presence and activities of foreigners will report their presence. In short, wherever you go, you will be watched.

    You're going to need vehicles to drive around in. The only ones you can get will be rentals that have conspicuous Tourist license plates which will make you stand out. You could steal Cuban plated cars, but most of them are junk from the 1950s that break down regularly and the cops would quickly stop a foreigner driving a locally plated vehicle.

    If you grab her, you will need a house to stash her in until you can get her out of the country. The problem here is that renting an entire private house, away from prying eyes is just about impossible, Cubans rent out rooms to foreigners, but an entire house is hard to come by, let alone one that's so far away from neighbors that they can't see what's going on to report to the CDR,

    Next, how are you going to get her out of the country? Remember, Cuba has strict rules on entering and exiting the country, You can't fly a plane in. Cuban radar will pick that up in a heartbeat. You can try to sneak a boat in, but the Cuban Coast guard patrols heavily for that as well.

    About two years ago our government offered a one million dollar reward for Chesimard's capture. Fearful that some adventurer like Dog the Bounty Hunter would run down there and try to grab her, Chesimard, who used to live in Havana, went into hiding elsewhere in Cuba. Now, no one knows where she is. Probably the only way we will get her back is through a trade. We currently have a team of five Cuban spies in our prisons that Havana wants back very badly. As I understand it, they were fairly inept over here and didn't do much damage, but Cuba had hailed them as heroes to their people. I'll bet we could swap them for Chesimard in a heartbeat. Cuba could make up some BS line about how Chesimard recently engaged in counterrevolutionary activity and use that as an excuse to expel her.
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