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    OK ladies and gents, if you could have any sportscar ever built what would it be?

    Is there any particular reason for your choice?

    Mine personal fave happens to be the 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. I would want it to be painted Indigo blue metallic with white pearl stripes.

    Carroll Shelby was an incredible builder of machines and the Cobra just looks and sounds so menacing.

    Of course with this car I would have to have to own a couple of oil wells and gas stations to pay for the fuel.
    "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
    --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

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    Ooh I like the shelby GT 500, but my car is my baby, it's a 1978 Trans AM. 6.6l 400 engine vrooom

    Dodge Viper would be nice lol, but i get enough looks off the local sheriffs as it is <g>

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      An '69 Camaro Z-28 with the original factory 302 engine and factory crossram.

      I HAD a '69 Camaro SS 396, but had to sell it years ago. I sold it to my brother. What a mistake. He wrecked it! Ah well. It's only a car....

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        1. '67 Shelby GT500. Eleanor would be nice, but any GT500 would do.
        Roush Stage Three Mustang (after seeing these, Saleen no longer impresses me)
        2. '70 Boss 302
        3. '85 Mustang GT. Last of the carburetors and last generation of the T-Tops.
        4. '02 Bullitt Mustang
        5. '03 Mach 1. If it looks like the concept they showed in one of the Mustang mags, LOOK OUT! They took every single styling cue, including the shaker hood, and put them on the new platform.
        (Hey, I have a weakness for Mustangs!)
        6. '70 Plymouth Superbird
        7. Ferarri F550 Maranello
        8. '68-'73 Corvette with T-Tops and big block
        9. '77 Trans Am
        10. '88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. I had one before and to this day I regret getting rid of it. Great mileage from the 4 banger, but acceleration and cornering to pin you to the seats.
        11. 10. Ford GT40
        12. Porsche Boxster
        13. Shelby Cobra 427
        14. ANY Hemi 'Cuda
        15. '70 Chevelle SS396 (or 454...I'm not picky!)

        But, above all, my first choice would be...

        Jeep Wrangler TJ with 6" lift, 35x14 Super Swamper Thornbirds, Dana 44 rear and Super 35 in front with ARB air lockers and 9,000 pound Warn winch for when I get a little hectic.


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          Yep, I can't believe I forgot to mention the Shelby GT500. An awesome amchine indeed.


          I agree those Rousch Mustangs are beautiful. My husband owns a bullit mustang (black #0246) and LOVES that car!

          But our true babies are our 71 CJ5 and 81 CJ8 Scrambler. The 71 is a rockcrawler extroidinaire (made it through the Rubicon) and the 81 is practically stock with a few mods here and there. SuperSwamper TSL/SX's (33.5x35) are outfitted on this beast.
          "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
          --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


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            Here's the Mach 1...this thing is HOT!!!

            web page


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              Jaguar XJ220 hear it purrr.

              Here is a pic of my works car.


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                VW love bug with the mustang symbol on the rear bumper!
                (and a crown vic engine!)


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                  For pure aesthetic appeal an Auburn boattail Speedster would be nice. A Bugatti Atlantique or a '37 Talbot-Lagot would also look real good in my garage.

                  Among contemporary cars of reasonable availability, I'd settle for a BMW Z8.


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                    Sounds like one bad VW!


                    I am familiar with the Bugatti's (Italian, right?) but what about the other two cars. Who manufactures those? Are they still available or just part of yesteryear? They sound like they are beautiful.
                    "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
                    --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


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                      Currently I'd have to go with the Aston Martin Vanquish. It would certainly vanquish my bank account and then some and THEN some more.
                      Aston Martin Vanquish
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                        I would have to go with a 2000 F150 extended cab 4X4 pickup truck with the full eightfoot bed. It was a awesome vehicle and I know someday I will get it replaced. The ride in a field at 45+ mph felt like I was doing about 35. Nice suspension on it and very comfortable on the long haul too.

                        Either that or a 1969 galaxy 500 with the 492 in it. That car could fly.

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                          I'm surprised I haven't seen many Viper's listed above.

                          They're sooooo coooool!
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                            This has got to be the one
                            Nah, not really, I think I would have to go with the Shelby GT500, not sure I could afford the insurance though, grrrrr.
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                              A metallic silver 1963-66 'Vette!
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