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    Which T.V. Shows do you enjoy watching? Which T.V. Shows do you not enjoy watching?
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    Highlander:The Series
    I thought I was the only one!


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      Anything on the Discovery Channel (i.e Medical Detectives, etc...), History Channel, A&E, and Court Tv's Forensic Files.

      On Regular TV I was into Third Watch, CSI, NYPD Blue (once in a while). Don't have much time for TV unless I tape shows as I go to school at night.

      I am also eager to check out Boomtown this fall.

      Back in the day, I also liked Hogan's Heroes, Twilight Zone, Magnum PI, CHIPS.........

      Finally, I know this isn't a TV show BUT College football rocks!
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        XENA reruns, Survivor and COPS.

        otherwise I hate TV
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          I love to watch the Weather Channel. Nothing else on tv compares !! LOL Seriously I do sit there for hours and watch the weather. It is interesting. If I am not watching that I am flipping channels. I try to watch cops. It is fun to watch the perps. LOL

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            I watch the weather channel constantly, too lol. i also like the Discovery Health channel, especially the EMT/Paramedic shows. i like the food channel and Animal Planet channel.

            i'm not home any nite but sunday and monday due to work, so i do like the monday nite lineup of King of Queens, Becker, Yes Dear, and sometimes i can stand Everybody Loves Raymond.

            i love That 70's Show, Malcolm in the Middle, and Grounded for Life, all on Fox.

            all all thru the late nite hours after i get home from work..i watch infomercials!! they RULE!!

            i forgot about my favorite re-runs (besides Seinfeld)... the Andy Griffith Show i watched a marathon of them one time and i was in heaven. i also love Lassie and Flipper, but i cant find them on anymore [Frown]

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              I watch the weather channel all the time too! The one time I didn't I experienced a tornado while I was home alone...I'm traumatized I guess...

              Other shows I watch: Magnum PI, COPS, The Simpsons, Twilight Zone, Adult Swim (on Cartoon Network), anything on The Discovery Channel and TLC, some shows on Animal Planet, Murder She Wrote, South Park, and several other shows. I am a teenager after all...
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                ANYthing on The History Channel
                Reruns of the ORIGINAL Star Trek
                Reruns of Miami Vice


                All the OTHER stuff! Especially anything with Martha Stewart or Oprah!
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                  Frasier, Scrubs, The Dead Zone, Monk.

                  Channels I watch are The Weather Channel & ESPN, but I particularly like the old movie channels. Weekends now though it will be FOOTBALL!


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                    Why do I suspect that KCadet has his TV set to A&E nine out of ten times?


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                      Originally posted by Crazy in a Jeep:
                      Highlander:The Series
                      I thought I was the only one!
                      I second that. Own the first three seasons, and all the movies. But did not loke the spin-off "Raven". Amanda was cool and all but the the show [email protected]*ked!

                      Other then Highlander, Star trek TNG, WWE, Cops, And the #1 show THE SIMPSONS!

                      Oh-yeah the Man Show is pretty cool also.


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                        Law & Order, cops, monk and BBC America
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                          I own all five seasons on VHS (season VI doesn't count). I actually bought Seas. IV and V and the boxed set "Best of ..." off eBay for about $50 - $60 a pop ... much better then the $140 I paid for the first three seasons thru the "official store" ...

                          I loved Boston Public, but I work Monday nights, and my VCR doesn't like to tape certain channels, so oh well. I love the Simpsons, and usually I'm home at time to catch that, but with football season starting up, if I keep my Papa Johns hours, I'll be delivering pies until ten at night, and again, my VCR hates that channel.

                          I also try and catch: Enterprise, West Wing, Law & Order: SVU, Trading Spaces and COPS. I think thats about it. Sadly, my stupid POS VCR, again, doesn't like to tape any of those channels (my other VCR did, but was broken by the Feline That Shall Not Be Named). I was a big fan of The Shield last season, and hopefully I'll have a new VCR by the time season 2 begins so that I can keep current on it ...

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                            That 70's Show, The Man Show most of what's on Animal Planet, Discovery, History (Mail Call with R. Lee Ermey!) and TLC (Trading Spaces). The Shield, of course.

                            I just discovered The Oblongs on Adult Swim. Funny s***!

                            It's more of a network, but VH1 Classic.

                            NASCAR, NFL and Braves baseball.

                            Boomtown looks really cool. Hopefully it won't disappoint.

                            I can't stand The Real World, Road Rules, Anna Nicole Show, Seinfeld (I know, I know...go ahead and stone me in public now!)


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                              Real World blows. Then again, most MTV programming is pretty horrible. I can't stand to watch that network!

                              And ya' know, Anna Nicole show always seemed to me to be MTV's baby, even if it wasn't ... so I don't watch it either!


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