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How much corruption is in your department


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    Originally posted by ten08
    Who told you that, Rush Limburger

    The FOP is a Union
    The PBA is a Union
    Some Departments are represented by Teamsters and they are a Union

    Or you can work for WALMART wages

    I'm envious of the cops who can always trust "management" to consistently be fair when it comes to wage increases, promotional opportunities and discipline.
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      Unions have their good and bads. They prevent everybody from being paid slave wages. They also prevent bad people from getting fired and instead have them take "sensitivity training" BS, instead of getting someone else who can do the job a whole lot better.


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        Originally posted by VegasMetro View Post
        Define Corruption?
        An extra strike against a criminal that just fired a round at you and your partner?
        Taking a free cup of coffee?
        Conducting a search on a ex felon scumbag who has priors for violent crimes without the proper exception, then working it backwards to get a warrant or consent??

        You really have to narrow down what corruption is….
        #1 & #2 are bad.

        #3 is being creative.

        You want corruption? Here:

        Cop Accused Of Stealing Hot Dogs Gets Fired
        BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) ―

        A Bridgeport police officer accused of stealing hotdogs from a courthouse concession stand has been fired.

        Officer Murphy Pierce has been accused of stealing hot dogs from a vendor starting in late 2006 and later trying to tamper with witnesses in the case when the vendor complained.

        A panel of police commissioners has signed off on the decision to fire Pierce. The board says the intimidation began in September 2006 when Pierce approached Michael Pinto, who operates the "Snappy Dog" concession stand near the courthouse.

        The panel says Pinto feared losing his permit for the stand because the Police Department oversees that function.

        Pierce has denied all the charges.


        That's just stupidity.


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