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How much is that doggy in the window?


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  • How much is that doggy in the window?

    I'm taking my boys to the SPCA today to hopefully find a dawg. They have been asking for so long and I have always told them no, because we have 2 cats and I'm not home as much as I'd like to be. I finally caved in and told them they could have one, but they will have to take care of it.

    Any suggestions? The last dog we had, a cocker spaniel (I got the kids, the ex got the dog), was one that was raised from a teeny tiny pup.

    Any hints about what I should be looking for at the SPCA? Any breed that I shouldn't have around my children (no Rotts or Pit Bills at my house)? Thanks everyone!

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    Can't go wrong with a lab. Great family dog. I'm not fond of ankle biters(any dog under 40 lbs) . Get a dog that will actually want to go out and play with the kids. I hear great danes are cool-just kidding.


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      What area are you in? Which SPCA are you going to use? What ever dog you are thinking of picking take it out of the cage and let the kids interact with it. The dog should not mind being handled ect.. You don't say how old your kids are that can be a factor as well. My kids are 5 and 7 we are on our third Rotty. The first two were mother and daughter and lived to be 13 and 11 never had a problem at all best dogs I ever had. Trainers have told me that generally and notice that I said generally a big dog is better with kids then a little dog. Little dogs being smaller have very little to rely on other then there teeth so will tend to bite when fed up or scared etc. Big dogs will just push thier wieght around so to speak. Mine will push her head in my kids chest and basicly herd them to where she wants them then walks away. I have had pretty good luck at the Philadelphia SPCA. Do you still have cats? good luck with whatever you pick.



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        Look to see that they have a 2-3 day return period on the animal. A neighbour had a situation where the dog got along fine with the kids in the pound but took an instant dislike to his son when they got home, bit him and everything.
        I say you can't go wrong with an Alaskan Malamute, quiet, friendly, patient with kids and looks imposing to intruders etc. They can get quite big which may be a downside.
        Regardless of what breed you get, thanks for going through the SPCA, you will probably save a dogs life.


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          If you are looking for a house dog then go with the smaller breeds like Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, such as that. If you are looking for a yard dog, Labs, Collies, & German Shepherds go good with kids & being protective. You can certainly fine tune either of those selections with some of the more different breeds. Dalmations are cute on the movie screen but are rather temperamental & I don't care what owners of Pitbulls & Rottwielers say, I wouldn't have one of those if it was the last dog on earth. Of course, who am I to talk. My dog is half wolf. But I've had a Collie, German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier mix, & Cocker Spaniel. Figure what you have room for, what you can control, & what you want to take care of (long haired vs. short haired). The Collie was the best we ever had with small children & the most protective, the short-haired Terrier was the easiest to take care of (although he had seizures at times), & the wolf is the smartest. The Terrier & Cocker Spaniel were in-the-house dogs but we banned the German Shepherd after his tail wagging knocked over a lamp.

          I'm sure you've already checked the Internet on some of the sites that explain the different breeds & all. Good luck "dawg" hunting.


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            I didn't know this until recently, but according to the ASPCA in Houston, they don't accept any dogs that have any part Chow in them! They said that chows are very aggresive and are banned from ASPCA operations.

            Just something to think about.


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              As you can see Kate, everyone has their own opinion. Here is mine. I think that the Golden Retriever is the ideal family dog. It has only ONE downside that I've ever seen. It sheds like crazy!

              However that is a really small price to pay for the love and affection they will give you. They are NOT a guard dog by nature. They are playful, intelligent and very easy to train. They do like to be around people and they need lots of exercise, but so does any dog.

              My last two goldens have been very real family members. We've gotten so attached to them that it actually can be a problem when those times come up that you just can't take the dog with you!

              The one I've got now has pretty much been my constant companion since I retired. She is just a joy to have around!

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              6P1 (retired)


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                I'd go with a Golden Retriever. Stay away from the Labs, unless you like your stuff eaten. The golden is still a "puppy" even when he's 4. Great dogs for kids. Since you are going through the ASPCA you dont know what has happened to the dog prior to the pound. You never now what was wrong with him before you got him either. (biting, etc...) I must commend you on going there though. Most people will just buy a dog, and there's too many loving ones out there.
                As my friend says: All Narc, No Bite


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                  Labs are the best. Smart, well trainable, actually love to learn. To incourage you on them, i have one who is a year old and picks dimes off the floor, when someone calls my daughters name he gets and takes her to them. when the phone rings, he takes her to it. He never lets anyone come into the room when she is alone in it. and if someone approaches her he makes them back off till she tells him its ok. I love this dog!! I will be able to feel comfortable letting her leave my house without me.

                  You will have a chewing problem at first. there is this thing at the store called a kong and you fill it with treats.Its made from like tire rubber or something. This has helped tremendously. when we first got him he ate anything that did not run first and then sometimes even if it ran he tried to eat it too But all in all he has been the best dog ever.

                  Oh! for the people that gave me advice on the new puppy i found. The service dog and the puppy are now best friends. It was real strange they were on the floor and they started playing like it was no big deal and the growling stopped. So it looks like she gets to stay.

                  We still have the original service dog which is also a lab but since she turned 13 we retired her. Never in 10 years has she done anything bad. Its just a shame to watch her die. She has cancer and can barely get off the ground. I don't have the heart to put her down. So i just med her up to ease the
                  pain. Somedays she is normal and can walk. she has been an outstanding animal and is the reason we chose to stick with labs.

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                    My sister had a collie when I was just a toddler and I've loved them ever since. After I got married I had a wonderful collie for 12 years. Then we tried a terrier who was sneaky and could not be housebroken (she'd do it deliberately just to cheerfully defy us). Then we had a Maltese who was also impossible to housebreak (I gave her to my girlfriend who keeps a diaper on her). For a while we had a cocker who was hyperactive and a grooming nightmare. Now we are back to a collie and she is way better than the other breds we've tried.

                    More dog notes: My brother has had many labs and some were great and others are just plain dense. I trained an Akita for someone once and she was extremely DANGEROUS and unpredictable especially around other dogs. I used to be a mail carrier and was most often bitten by small dogs like schnauzers although I was almost killed by a German Shepherd as well.

                    One more note: I used to be a professional dog groomer and the worse to groom were Sheepdogs, Afgans, basically all the long haired NON-SHEDDERS, and MIXED BREDS.

                    Thalia, mom of 10 (so far) "Women shouldn't have children after 35, thirty five children are enough."


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                      Just got back from the SPCA and I found a dawg! I found two actually. First one is just a pup, about 7 months. He's a German Sheperd and sooo sweet. Then I saw Harley, a Lab, and I fell in love with her.

                      I'm so undecided right now. I adore both dogs but can only have one. If I had the room, I'd take both of them home with me. <sighs>

                      I can't take the Sheperd pup home until Sunday. He was a stray that was brought in and there's a time limit for people to claim him. We'll see what happens then. I may just come home with Harley (the Lab) because she was such a sweetie. I'll fill ya's in on Sunday.

                      Thank you all for your help. Much appreciated.


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                        Get a short haired Dashound! They are playful, smart and defend against intruders by tangling their long bodies into the guys legs!

                        Yes, really, I swear

                        Jim Burnes


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                          My sentimental favorite would be the German Shepherd. I love labs, but they're soooooo hyper! GSD's love to learn and retain most of what you teach them. They're also great kid dogs.

                          If the SPCA thing doesn't work out, look for boxer and GSD rescues in your area. They specialize in those breeds and know them inside and out. I've got some sites somewhere around here I can post if you need them.

                          Good luck!

                          "Never try to teach a pig to sing...it wastes your time and it annoys the pig."


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                            FlLawdog, about the addy's...I'd like that. Thank you.

                            "There's no place like home."


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                              I wouldn't be able to decide! I'd have to get both and a wolf!

                              Good luck with your choice!

                              P.S. to ftrphxcop.... glad your 2 dogs are working out together!!


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