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  • Accents

    Most all of us have one, even if we don't think we do. I know mine is very strong and as hard as I try to talk without much of one, it's impossible.

    I've talked to many people from all over the US because of work, and have also talked to a few from the forum and O.com chat that are from as far away as Australia. (G***a, love your accent, even if you do talk a mile a minute!)

    Which region in the US or other country would you say you most like hearing other people talk? Which accent do you find most appealling and pleasing?

    For me, nothing compares to hearing someone from NYC or Boston. I could listen to someone from there talk all day long. The way I see it, both are classics. I'm also very partial to the Philly and South Jersey accents. Love they way we talk up here.

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    I talk with people throughout the country and I find all accents really intersting, especially NY accents. I honestly dont believ I have an accent, words just come out haha. Klar does have a midwest accent. A midwestern accent isnt like southern, or NJ or NY but its unique in a way that if your not really paying attention, you'll miss it. For example, when they say the word "on" it comes out "orn" or the word "wash" will come out "warsh" plus they have different wording compared to the Northeastern ways. For example, bag = sack and soda = pop and when they end a sentence with the word "it" that word is emphasized somehow. I worked at a Target for a short time and when I asked if they wanted their soda in a bad they looked at my like I was speaking french, it was so funny. Theres some other differences too, but I dont recall them off hand. I live in Iowa, born in Alabama (learned to talk there and the accent comes out when Im angry) and raised in Pennsylvania, interesting combination of "accents"
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      I don't have an accent...I'm from the South so I talk normal !


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        I dink dis entire tread is friggin' funny. I just had dis convuhsayshun wit one a da guys last night, as he's uhriginally from Kintucky. We wuh sittin' in my awfice tawkin' about dese aksents dat every body seems to have.

        There ya go, thats pretty much my accent right there. Typing all that out was a pain in the *** actually. LoL, I had to keep saying it, then sit and try to figure our the proper NY spelling.


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          Well Katey, you know i love the Boston and NYC accents like you do lol. they RULE!

          i do like the Philly accent too, but not the South Jersey one. i dont think i have one, but then when i see them interview people on the news from places like the Deptford/Gloucester area of Jersey, i'm like "ewwwww" LOL
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            Originally posted by sandie:
            soda = pop

            Anyone from the SOUTH knows soda and pop = COKE. Coke means Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Fanta, Mountain Dew, Frostie and any other carbonated beverage.

            I guess I'm prejudiced. I love Southern accents. Nothing like talking to a Southern Belle. When I hear northern accents, especially from NYC, from a woman it just grates on my nerves. (Nothing personal folks)
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              I like the north west highland accent. It's almost musical.

              You guys over the pond all talk funny, but at least we can work out what your on about.

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                I'm from Texas origionally, but have traveled quite a bit untill my parents and I came to Kentucky in 1984. I was 13 at the time. So I have a slight southern drawl, but I don't think it's to bad.

                I like NY accents hehehehe.


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                  Shicaggo, Knew Yark, and Dowwwn Sout, British and Canadian eh.


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                    When I moved from NJ to NC, it was, without a doubt, true culture shock for me! It's amazing how words you hear your whole life take on a new meaning in another part of the country.

                    While in NC, I quickly learned the meaning of some very popular phrases in the South:

                    Over yonder = over there
                    young'uns are children
                    Y'all = you all
                    I reckon = I guess so; I suppose so
                    I'm so ill! = I'm so mad!
                    fixin' = about to or getting ready to. As in, "I am fixin' to go to the store."
                    Hey = Hello
                    I'm so tarred = I'm so tired.

                    This is what I missed more than ever when I moved to North Carolina:
                    Philly Tawk

                    And btw, for all you people in NC, a toboggan is NOT a hat! It's a sled!!

                    In the Philadelphia area, things are so different. We greet people with "Yo", and we would never say y'all to each other. We say youse, as is in "Are youse coming with us?", or the word yiz, as in "What are yiz doin' today?"

                    The South Jersey dialect is slightly different than Philadelphia, most especially the South Philadelphia accent, which is a classic in itself, but much of the language is common ground.

                    Speaking of So. Jersey, to me it was always an insult when someone asked where I was from and I said South Jersey, they'd reply with "Joisey", where I was NOT raised. That's in North Jersey and as small as the state is, ask anyone from North Jersey and South Jersey and they'll tell you we're two different states.

                    [ 08-25-2002, 02:54 PM: Message edited by: kateykakes ]


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                      I never realized I had an accent until I went to college in CT and everyone told me I had a southern accent? I guess in the North everything south of the Mason Dixon line is the south but I never really thought of myself as having a southern accent. People from Boston who said do you need a ride in my caa or are you going to bring beer to the paty thought I had a funny accent??


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                        when i was on vacation two weeks ago in las vegas, our waitress came over and immediately said "so where ya from?", we responded "NY", and she says "i know, what PART of NY?"

                        so i guess i do have a noticeable NY accent. go figguh


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                          Walking into a store and asking where the "pop" or "soda" is runs the risk of havng your *** whipped around here. As was stated above, its COKE!!!

                          Oh, and a toboggan is a winter hat. It's not a sled, we call sleds, well SLEDS.

                          I can't stand the NY accent. Just as most NYers can't stand my southern/texas/redneck accent.
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                            Originally posted by Rimfire:

                            I can't stand the NY accent. Just as most NYers can't stand my southern/texas/redneck accent.

                            yoo got a probbim wit my new yawk accent?


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                              Well I'm from God's Country down in the SouthLands and everyone else has the accents not us lol.

                              Seriously , I have a very STRONG southern accent I REKON , at least thats what katie says lol
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