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  • Puppies? Kittens? Monsters?

    I think I've created a monster. I have a kitten that I was supposed to give away but have become so attached to the little brat, that I can't give him away.

    His name is Charles, but we call him Chuckie or Chuckles. When I get mad at him, I call him Mother Chucker.

    He's spoiled rotten. When he's tired and wants to go to sleep, he climbs up my leg to sleep on my chest. I usually have to cradle him like a baby and he goes right to sleep. If I'm already upstairs in bed and he hasn't come in my room yet, he'll meow at my door until I let him in. Then he makes himself comfortable wherever he wants on the bed.

    When I play with him and he starts chewing on my hand or clawing me (it doesn't hurt), I'll yell OWWWW! and right away he'll stop and lick my hand.

    I know most cats don't like table food, but Chuckles loves french fries, cake, pickles, olives...you name it, he'll eat it. I've created a monster!

    Anyone else with little pups or kitties, and do you spoil them rotten?

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    LOL..yup...you've got a monster there.

    BTW.......who names their cat Charles???? lol [Wink]


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      I didn't pick out the name for the kitten. They kids did. The named my other cat too. His name is Ronald (after Ronald McDonald). I probably would have chosen something like Whiskers. I know, how original.

      They're my buds though. Love my kitties.

      [ 08-24-2002, 06:52 PM: Message edited by: kateykakes ]


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        This is funny. Because just last night, we found a stray, 4 month old kitten on our door step, soaking wet from a thunderstorm. So we took her in for the night, bathed and fed her.

        But she would not sleep [Eek!] She would pat my face until I woke up, then she would press her face into mine...cute huh? Not the third time in an hour

        This unknown kitty would also try to cuddle under my wifes chin, and then get the kitty motor purring [Wink] This was the kitty that would not sleep

        At about 630am, I tosed kittys furry butt outside (storm all gone, nice day dawning). wHEW!

        Jim Burnes


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          Jim! You sent that poor kitty back outside? See, I'm such a sucker. I would have kept it or taken it to the SPCA or tried to find it a home.

          Sometimes I think my house is more like a zoo. Kids, a dog, cats, parakeet, turtles, and we've even had snakes and a lizard. The kids asked for a ferret and I said no. Then they asked for a hamster or gerbil and I said definitely NOT. No rats. Ugh.


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            Yep, drop kicked that kitty at dawn

            I've always had a cat, but they don't fool me, they are moochers and I know their tricky ways [Eek!]

            In Germany, as the Intelligence NCO, I had a room in the barracks basement used to store all my maps. A window at ground level had one pane out, and cats had taken up living there on top of the 6 ft high stacked map files. Well, I didn't mind, I left food and water out. (I had the only key to the room).

            But the Battalion Command Sgt Major once visited the map room, and told me to repair the window, and boot the cats. Battalion Command Sgt Majors eat Junior officers for lunch , so I took action.

            Weeks later, the CSM and I are in the Map room to get some maps ready, when He notices that a huge old tom (who always avoided me in the past), was now sitting calmly on the table, tail curled around his front paws and eyes half shut.

            That tom knew what terrible things could happen to me

            Jim Burnes


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              Yep, drop kicked that kitty at dawn
               - That poor little kitty!


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                Originally posted by Jim Burnes:
                At about 630am, I tosed kittys furry butt outside (storm all gone, nice day dawning). wHEW!
                Jim Burnes

                WOW, Is that cat lucky... I heard Native Americans like their cats slow roasted over an open flame!! [Eek!] Tastes like chicken.
                " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                  I hate cats!! I am highly allergic to them, I almost died on time from one. Had to be rushed to the E.R. because I was asphyxiating (that is spelled wrong I am sure) simple terms, I could not breath.
                  Dogs on the other hand, I love dogs. Very loyal pets that don't purrrrrrrrrrr all night and keep you awake, right JB?

                  Siyo JB
                  In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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                    I have a dog, (Shetland Sheepdog) and her name is Belle. She is VERY spoiled, but she is my baby so what can I say?

                    When I move in December to a bigger place, (hopefully a house with a yard), I plan to get a GSD. They are the best dogs around.


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                      O'siyo (oh-say-yo) Greetings

                      Well, with a crisp lettuce and cucumber salad!



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                        I have a Cat named Aimee after the robot on the movie Red Planet. She's the most Bi-Polar creature I've ever seen. I can be sitting watching TV and she'll be asleep in the chair across the room from me. She'll wake up look around with an expression of complete horror and dive across the room to attack me. Not a cute little kitty playing attack either, she wants to kill me. After I bang her against the wall a couple times to get her off the back of my neck she'll Look around like she doesn't know where she is and then walk up and try to get all cuddly like nothing ever happened. I'm in the military and it's kind of fun that a lot of my friends who are Rangers and AF Special Tactics are all afraid of her.
                        I also couldn't get her fixed because the vet couldn't get her to go under. He pumped her with 40$ worth of anasthetic and she still kept fighting it. I'm pretty sure she's posessed but I can't seem to give her up. I kind of think of her as training for marriage someday...
                        Will Coy
                        "It's a thankless job but I have a lot of Karma to burn off."


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                          Here's a site with some cute kitties

                          kitty kitty!


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                            What? Was that website too much?


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                              jim, I am surprised that you allowed those cats to infil the map room!

                              I thought it was common knowledge in certain circles that all cats are spies?

                              Or were you in cahoots with them?

                              Hmmmm. Verrrrry innnnnteresting.


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