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Death and Dieing


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  • Death and Dieing

    I lost an uncle today from Bone Cancer. Was diagnosed as terminal just before Christmas. My father is terminal with cancer too. Lost my Grandmother-in-law early last year from cancer.
    I have had a cancer removed from my cheek 6 months ago. Having not yet reached 40, with other members of my family diagnosed with terminal cancer and being a smoker, I feel so at a loss considering how addicted I am to tobacco and looking at the deaths all round me. My eldest uncle passed away from cancer almost 30 years ago, my grandfather from cancer, my sister having a hystorectomy because of cancer, one of my best mates 18 months ago from cancer, my dog 20 years ago died from cancer..... I could go on...
    Please.... don't smoke. It is killing my family, if not me as well. I wish to God I never started smoking. I spent several hours today chating with one of my mates from my recruit squad about all this death and dieing. It does not releave the pain. PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE> !! There are lots of things in life that can kill us. don't let the thing that kills you be something that is your choice to do. Please don't smoke. I wish to God I never lit my first cigarette at 10 years of age. I've been smoking now almost 30 years. Please don't smoke. I have to make an appountment to have some other skin cancers removed soon. Please don't smoke. If not for yourself, but for your family and friends. Please don't smoke.

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    Life is precious. Choose how you live your life. There are so many people throughout history that made this realisation./
    ....Some famous last words....
    "I have but only one life to give" dunno who said that.
    "Please don't smoke" Yul brunner.
    "If I could be with my daughter just one last time" NEWS4 reporter from Denver.
    "This is funny" Doc Holliday
    "Such is Life" Ned Kelly, Australian icon, legend and outlaw.
    "Why" John Kistowski. Guy I went to school with.
    "I smell bread" Lt Colonel Parker. Killed in action Vietnam.
    "Father Father, why hast thou forsaken me?"... you know who.


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      How do you handle death of those you love?
      I was 10 years old last time I lost a family member i loved. I'm an aduult now. it is not any easier.


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        Rule, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through! I will say a prayer for you and your family. I deal with death and dying the only way I can. By holding hard to my faith in God! Live each day to its fullest!
        God Bless!


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          In addition to what I have said above remember your friends here at officer.com will help as we can and as you need.


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            I am truly sorry for your loss. But perhaps you are looking at death from the wrong perspective. This is the one thing in life that we will all face. I guess because of my faith, I do not fear death. I am much more afraid of becoming disabled and having to have someone care for me.

            My brother died of lung cancer in 1998. My mother died of heart disease in1991, my father died of heart failure in 1983 while in intensive care. He was hit with botulism poisoning from home canned peppers that he had canned himself. He had been in intensive care for almost six months, on total life support, unable to speak, unable to move any part of his body. And yet he was conscious most of that time.

            To me, that is MUCH more terrifying than death itself. Both of my parents were quite old when they passed on, but my brother was still relatively young, in his late fifties. However all three were terribly sick for months prior to their deaths.

            In our jobs, we are forced to see death in all its various forms. To deal with it on an almost daily basis. I think that I came to grips with it when I worked as a deputy coroner. I know that some people, including some of my fellow workers in that job, were unable to handle it.

            There is certainly no dignity in death. But then once the soul has left the body, it has no further use for that body. Take comfort in the belief that they have gone to a better place. A
            6P1 (retired)


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              Eternal rest grant unto him and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

              My deepest condolences to you and your

              Two years ago my sister died of lung and bone cancer, two weeks later my sister-in- law died of lung and brain cancer. My mother died at 46 yrs old of a heart attack and my father died of lung cancer twenty years later, now my cousin is dying of throat cancer. My faith has always sustained me in times of sorrow, I firmly believe death is not the end of life but rather the beginning.

              "Tears are sometimes an inappropriate response to death. When a life has been lived completely honestly, completely successfully, or just completely, the correct response to death's perfect punctuation mark is a smile."
              ~ ~ Julie Burchill

              Btw, It was the great American Patriot Nathan Hale who said at the age of 21 before being executed in 1776, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."

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              Illegitimus non carborundus!


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                Originally posted by Rule.303:
                How do you handle death of those you love?
                I was 10 years old last time I lost a family member i loved. I'm an aduult now. it is not any easier.
                My sister drowned in the river that borders my parent's backyard when I was five. I was the only one there and witnessed it all. Thankfully it is all a blank. People have said I should have hypnosis to remember.Why the hell would I want to remember. It screwed me up enough when I was growing up.Blamed myself because I was unable to save her.

                Dude, life is too short. Do whatever it takes before it is too late.


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                  My sincerest regards to you and your family.

                  I quit smoking Feb.2 of this year, after 16 years of addiction. I'll email you the details.
                  Trust men and they will be true to you, treat them greatly and they will show themselves great. -R.K.


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                    Rule, one thing that helped me quit smoking was repeating to myself that during the withdrawal time, I just wouldn't smoke a cig right now, maybe later. If I had it in my head that I could never smoke again, that would have made it unbearable. So I just told myself, "I might have one later, just not right now." Made it easier for me anyway.


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                      Brother, I am sorry to hear that you're in a bad spot. I'm not going to wax philosophic. We all know how bad life can be sometimes, and I am sorry to hear that things are bad for you right now.

                      I've been trying to quit smoking since my daughter was born. It is not easy. I have quit before, for various lengths of time, but it seems to get harder. Until my daughter, I've never had a better reason to quit. But I have had to learn not to beat myself up too much for not being successful and to keep trying.

                      I've seen these guys at the cancer clinic, the ones with oxygen tubes hooked to a tank on their wheel chair...I've seen them roll on outside and smoke another cigarrette.

                      It is an addiction. Precisely so.

                      But I'll keep trying to quit. Sometimes I will fail, but that's alright, I'll keep trying.



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                        {sorry duplicate post}

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                          My Grandfather died christmas of 1999 from cancer and emphasema (sic?) caused by smoking. I didn't want to die that way and I didn't want to see my wife die that way.


                          I quit smoking 1 year ago last May 24th... it wasn't as hard as I thought it would as it was extremely hard to stay off the cigs the last 3 times I quit. I don't even have a temptation to smoke now. But I cheated, I took Zyban . It was expensive but it was definately worth it. My wife took it as well and she actually lost weight while quitting instead of visa versa.

                          I hope this helps, besides marrying my wife... this is the absolute best thing I ever did.

                          Good luck and keep your spirits up. The same Christmas that I lost my Mother's Father from cancer, I lost my Father's Father from an illness. It was an extremely hard holiday season and it is still hard but I just keep reminding myself that their bodies were just a house, their spirits live on with our Father.

                          Best Regards,


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                            Rule, I know what you mean - my dad's dad died from throat cancer when I was 5 months old; my mother-in-law died in March 1998 of breast cancer; my dad died in May 1998 of bladder cancer.
                            I wish you all the best in your own struggle with tobacco addiction and the best I can offer to you is the thought that when we all leave this Earth that we are promised Heaven and I firmly believe that it is a far better place than here.

                            P. D. (Pete) Broccolo, Constable
                            #32936 - RCMP Weyburn, Saskatchewan
                            #32936 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - 1975-10-27 / 2010-12-29
                            Proud Dad of #54266 - RCMP - 2007-02-12 to date
                            RCMP Veterans Association - Regina Division member
                            Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada - Associate (Retired) member
                            "Smile" - no!


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                              Thanks to all for your kind words.


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