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    Originally posted by tony.o View Post
    The deputy messed up, everyone know that, but this should be handled by the department and not by some prosecutor filing criminal charges.
    I'd like to know the circumstances of why that car was entered as being stolen if it was known that the owners teenage daughter took it and, if so, why the officer took this bogus auto theft report.
    I agree. Sounds Civil, Ill be 10-8.
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      Hey, can I get this deputy to pay a visit to my ex?

      I kid, I kid....
      If I tell you what I know, I'd have to kill you. Fortunately, I don't know much.


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        Unless she spit on him, I cannot side with the cop. And, yes, it appears he PICKED HER UP by the hair.
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          Originally posted by Biggy Smallz
          Probably because the teenage daughter "STOLE" her parents car without PERMISSION. I would assume that would constitute a theft of a motor vehicle? Just because the parents knew their daughter had the car doesn't mean she had the right to take it, therefore it was stolen.
          We would charge the teen with Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle and enter the vehicle as stolen. If we arrest the teen and parents drop charges, we wouldn't take that report a second time.
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            We have an "Operating Without Consent" that we could charge her with, its a lesser offense than actually theft of a motor vehicle. To file this charge before we take the report we require the "victim" to complete a statement spelling out that they will pursue and follow-thru with charges...

            Too many times we were being used as a repo-agency.

            If they dont want charges pressed and just want the car back (IE they let someone borrow the car to get dope and have been gone two days, family issues etc) We broadcast an attempt to locate, thats it...
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              Originally posted by juicesnn4e2
              See that is what I said, and this is coming from a Texas officer, where biggie is from... So biggie are you a police officer or not? because you should know that.
              Let me assist you: Biggie's profile:

              Are You Employed in the Law Enforcement Industry:
              Are You a Sworn Police Officer:

              How did you find Officer.com?:
              Googling Law Enforcement Related Articles
              I believe he is in the hiring process and I'm basing that belief off of this:

              Application Submitted 1-21-09
              Entrance Exam: Passed #3 out of 45.
              Oral Board: PASSED
              Polygraph: PASSED
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                [QUOTE=Fëanor;1685280]Irrelevant (besides, you're jumping to conclusions)

                Wow, that's pretty arrogant. Would you care to explain your comment and where I'm jumping to conclusions?

                Juvenile is arrested. Juvenile is processed. Juvenile continues, dispite the fact she is now in a lock-up, to show, at the very least, poor judgement All at 15 years of age. Parents have failed to teach juvenile proper behavior or follow up on lessons taught. Parents do not have control of juvenile. My evaluation is based on 6 years of experience as well as my own somewhat ....er checkered past.

                DISCLAIMER: Any mention, reference, or hint of past wrong doing on my part is by no means to be considered as an admission of guilt or complicity.


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                  This dep's actions were way off base....I don't care how "lippy" or disrespectful she was....and the shoe kicked at him, is he for real? He's an embarassment to all of us...I wonder if he would've been as tough with a real bad***** gangbanger? He needs to be fired/charged.
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                    I don't want to hijack or derail the OP but are we so angry that this was done to a 15yo girl? Would it make any differance if it was a 15yo male? How about an 18 yo girl or 18 yo male?

                    Personally, I don't care in regard to the age or sex. The Deputy was wrong and most likly over reacted to something she said at the time or the shoe might have been the last straw. Don't know-Don't care I forgot who said it first but I +1 to smile, close door, and add to charge sheet.

                    Just curious because many have made the "girl" distinction.


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                      He escalated a situation that didn't need to be. Yeah the wench threw a shoe at him. There are other ways to mess with inmates (especially juveniles) without having to slam their faces into a wall and rip them by the hair. Complete and utter lack of thought from this deputy.


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                        Originally posted by Biggy Smallz
                        So when you arrest someone, your not punishing them? Your taking their freedom to do as they please away. I would say that's a pretty harsh punishment (to some folks.)
                        I read your posts, and I'm not trying to be an @55 or anything, but I don't get where you are coming from. ALL LEO's love taking felons to jail. That's a fabulous payoff to this line of work. But would you rather us disregard law and scratch a felon a ticket? It's not punishment. It's following the law.

                        Originally posted by tony.o View Post
                        The deputy messed up, everyone know that, but this should be handled by the department and not by some prosecutor filing criminal charges.
                        I'd like to know the circumstances of why that car was entered as being stolen if it was known that the owners teenage daughter took it and, if so, why the officer took this bogus auto theft report.
                        God love ya, Tony, but I gotta disagree. Would you overlook some guy walking down the street beating on his 15 year old girl like that? No way, Jose. The officer that found that video did the right thing.


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                          She didn't "throw" a shoe at him, the kick of the shoe was hardly a kick, it was weak and while maybe a sign of disrespect, it didn't warrant what happened.

                          Did she need something like that? Yeah, but by her parents when she was a wee one. Would that have flown lil over ten years ago, yeah, it would have. You have to consider the source, and it was a 15 year old girl, the Deputy was already at the door, the door should have been closed and the situation would have been done.

                          We have turds spit at the ground when we drive by, or suck their teeth ....does it warrant a beat down? No.........................not anymore, but there were those back in the day who would have taken notice of that kind of 'disrespect' and reacted accordingly.....those times are long gone.
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                            Originally posted by JimCorrigan View Post
                            I am a citizen with 16 years in the private security industry.

                            Below are two links that give further details about this incident. They are from the Seattle PI that broke the story and obtained and released the original video.



                            Apparently the county prosecutor will press misdemeanor assault charges against the officer. The girl was examined by paramedics and found to have suffered no injuries. If she had the charges would have been a felony assualt.
                            "The girl was arrested after she was caught in her parents' car, which had been reported stolen from her parents' Tukwila home. Deputy Travis Brunner spotted the car driving without headlights about 3:45 a.m. on 32nd Avenue South in SeaTac and pulled it over.

                            She and another 15-year old girl were arrested and taken to SeaTac City Hall to be fingerprinted before being transported to the youth detention center."

                            At the time of the arrest they did not know that she had only taken her parents car without their permission.

                            I usually try to get friends and co-workers to withhold judgments that are hostile to police officers when these type of videos come up, like the BART incident shooting, from which very little can be inferred i.e. they were not there, the video shot was from a hand held cell phone that was jittery and told nothing of what was going on before.

                            The same for take downs shown from police dashboard cams, usually b&w, without sound and involving a person that is not in yet in restraints. I try to get them to remember that just watching a video does not give you all the facts and police officers are also innocent until proven guilty.

                            But this video is difficult to defend. It is from an official police video camera. I am sure she had a really bad attitude and was using foul language to the officers, but to me, simply shutting the door would have diffused the situation. I might think differently if this was some punk scumbag that needed to be taught a lesson, but this little wisp of a girl? That is a judgment call to be sure and I would hope all police officers strive for just that. After all, I think most officers, if they can, would like to avoid taking someone down if only for their own safety's sake.

                            This kind of behavior, if it in fact turns out to be unjustified, hurts all police in the eyes of the public.

                            Be safe out there.
                            Thats the part I don't get. This looks as brutal, if not more than the Chicago police officer who beat the bartender up. He was charged with a felony, but his victim also did not suffer any major injuries.

                            I am confused by this reasoning. If your body is resilient and/or your attacker is inept at carrying out the attack, lesser charges are warranted?

                            I hope this does not apply to attacks with weapons. Wouldn't want someone who swung a machete at someones neck only getting a misdemeanor just because they missed.


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                              For one thing, it has to do with state law. It's hard to draw comparisons between Washington and Illinois with regards to battery that doesn't cause injury. The facts of the two cases are not even comparable to any extent.
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                                Im with Looker on this one. Lets assume that the girl kicked her shoe off with enough force for the shoe to shatter every bone in the deputy's shin.

                                The deputy then:
                                *Snap kicked her in the mid section
                                *Punched her in the face.
                                *Slammed her face into the wall.

                                Then from a scene from an old WWF video, the deputy then:
                                *Slammed the girl on the ground (takedown)
                                *Punched (2) times in what appears to be the head/neck/face area.
                                *And finally picked up off the ground by what appears to be her hair.

                                The force used against that girl was excessive and extreme. However, I expect some of you, (one member in particular) to say that the deputy was in fear for his life, the shoe striking him rendered his leg/extremity useless and that the girl appeared to be high on pcp thus causing said deputy to dispense an entire shelf of an @$$ whoopin. Unfourtunately for that agency, they will be paying out a large sum of money to that girls family.


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