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Officer Involved Shooting


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  • Officer Involved Shooting

    Police Shooting Suspect Dies From Injuries

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A man who was shot by Louisville police officers has died from his injuries.

    The shooting happened shortly before 9 p.m. Thursday at the corner of 28th and Garland streets, NewsChannel 32 reported.

    Police said they responded to a convenience store parking lot where a man was reportedly living out of his car, NewsChannel 32's Amy Wagner reported.

    Police said the man became aggressive and backup had to be called.

    The man allegedly cut an officer with a cane and holed himself up in his car, Wagner reported.

    Police said they tried to use pepper spray and Mace to subdue the suspect, but neither worked.

    The shots were fired after the suspect reportedly pointed what police initially thought was a rifle at one of the officers, Wagner reported. The weapon turned out to be a BB gun.

    "The tragedy to this, and I will tell you the tragedy to this is that the weapon was later determined to be a BB rifle, is that nobody knew at the time," Louisville Police Chief Greg Smith (pictured, right) said. "Nobody could tell. I looked at it and thought it was a .22 rifle, but it was a tragedy."

    One eyewitness even disputes the presence of the BB gun.

    "Nobody never seen a gun," Jeffrey Warner told Wagner. "Never saw a gun. He never pulled a gun out. All he had was that cane."

    Nonetheless, Smith described the scene.

    "The officers and civilians have both told us that they saw this person raise a rifle," he said. "The officers warned the person to drop the gun. He raised it. (The officers) fired. They stopped shooting, and he raised it a second time. They fired a second time."

    Police have not released the name of the man who died, nor of the officers involved in the shooting. The suspect has been described only described as a black man in his late 20s or early 30s, Wagner reported.

    Police said that the two officers who fired shots were placed on administrative leave until the investigation is finished. Smith said that those officers are in their 20s and relatively new to the force, Wagner reported.

    Members of the Louisville Police Crisis Intervention Team were at the scene Thursday night.

    More than 30 LPD officers have been trained on how to recognize mental problems, and how to defuse potentially volatile situations peacefully.

    The Crisis Intervention Team was introduced back in February.

    The recommendation followed the police shooting of a mentally ill man in Chickasaw Park.

    Officers were cleared of wrongdoing in that incident.

    Smith said that in addition to the criminal investigation, he has ordered a professional standards probe into Thursday's incident.

    Investigators said that the man who was shot has a violent history which includes armed robbery, drug charges and assaulting a police officer.

    Smith said that based on what he knows, the officers involved in the shooting did everything by the book.


    I hope these officers get cleared; BB Guns/Rifles look real enough to be passed on as real weapons. Obviously they felt their lives were in danger. [Frown]

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    Crazy to say, but if you were hit in the right spot with even a BB gun you could die. Wal-Mart sells some BB guns that look just like Glocks, S&W, Berettas, etc. When I saw them in there one day, I said to myself, that is going to get someone hurt...they just look to real. I hope the officers get cleared, these days you can't tell a BB gun from a 45 cal.
    In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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      I am on a Team of PI's and what Texas calls Personal Protection Officers. (Basically armed, plain clothes personal protection.)

      We are conducting a large scale surveillance at several locations due to threats from extremists and activists.

      One afternoon a female was assigned to surveillance only to video any happenings, and of course call LE for any criminal acts.

      This particular female was not armed. A vehicle drove down the street past her going the same direction she was facing. There was a late teen male and female in the car, and it was moving slowly. This fit our profile, so she noted the license and was ready to film.

      The vehicle turned around and approached her from the front. She saw the driver's window go down, and she later said her little internal uh-oh radar went off.

      Suddenly, just as the vehicle was nearly even with her window the driver raised and pointed a Baretta 92F at her. Her only possible action was to throw herself down in the seat and attempt to exit on the opposite side of the car.

      She heard the vehicle racing away, and she immediatley phoned the police.

      Well, the police traced the plate, went to the house and found the car, kid and gun. It was a friggin BB gun.

      The officer made a report, took the gun, and told the teen that if that gun was pointed at him, it would have resulted in the teens death.

      This PI is the only one of us working who is not armed. Imagine if he had pulled such a stunt on one of us.

      I would have shot him, but I really don't need a Grand Jury investigation and the medai all over me for some idiot witha BB gun.

      Be safe boys and girls!
      "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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