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I'm so screwed...


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  • I'm so screwed...

    Most of ya'll know I have my interview with corrections this coming Tuesday. Well, I had to go get a records check this afternoon to take with me to the interview. Clean of course...heh. Well, in looking over some of the documents they sent me, I'll have the physical agility within the week after the interview!!! The same kind as for police officers!!!!! running, situps, pushups I can handle...but the 16 inch vertical jump and benchpressing 64% of my body weight...I'm so screwed. Can anyone get ready for that in about a week???????

    I'm not trying to have a pity party here...I've just been so tired of getting doors closed, and I know I really have a good chance at this if it wasn't for the physical part...unless I had more time, which I don't.

    Any advice?

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    Roughly how close are you on each?


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      Don't be worried. Most departments offer a retake of the examination if you should happen to fail it the first time. For instance, here, if a recruit fails say, the running part of the agility test, he can retake it within 30 days, but he has to retake the entire test, not just the part he failed.

      Make some inquiries regarding this. Good luck.


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        Honestly, I'm not sure where I am with the bench press, I've been doing free weights at home. The vertical jump...about 8-9 inches.


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          Piper, you may want to try and see what you can bench. 64% of body weight is not that bad. For example, if you weight 130 lbs. you would only need to bench 84.5 lbs. If you are doing pushups regularly, I 'll bet you can bench 85 lbs. Try and get some practice though. If the have you do a bench with free weights, balance is very important.
          Bill R


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            Hang in there, Piper. I have faith in you that you can do this with no problems.


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              I also believe you can do it. Put all of your focus on it and practice all week, and I'm sure you'll do great!
              Chaos, panic and disorder...my work here is done!


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                Think positive piper. Try slow weight training (5 seconds down, 5 seconds up until failure) do one set, maybe 2 only.
                You can do it buddy........


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                  Piper, don't loose your cool just yet. They might measure the vertical jump different than you think. The way we do it is to have you mark a wall standing flat footed with your arm stretched out. Then jump and mark it again. Last time I took it, I didn't reach hardly at all my first mark. Then I bent my knees way down and jumped for all I was worth. I measured 22 inches and I bet I am in no better shape than you and twice your age. The bench press is just one time, we do the same thing, unless you weigh 250 don't worry about that either, piece of cake. Good luck!


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                    If it makes you fee better, I can only jump an inch and what is a benchpress? lol


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                      If you are close on the bench press, I'd suggest 2 things:

                      1) Remember that in the heat of the moment, you'll do better, adrenaline and all.

                      2) Find a person that is a serious weight lifter. Proper technique can often increase the same persons lift as much as 15-25% over just brute force.


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                        Piper crossing my fingers for you, I was able to get ready for my bench press In 2 weeks, I just started to do the required weight, witha spotter. I barely was able to do it, but it can be done if you start right away . Good luck


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                          Good luck Piper.

                          I say the following honestly, and not as a joke.

                          That day, eat light and try to go the bathroom before you do the jump.



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                            Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! No negitive thinking!!! Get at it and get positive!! CONFIDENCE!!!


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                              There are ways to cheat errrrrr, I mean help yourself do better in the bench press. First off, take the widest grip that is comfortable. You have less distance to go down and come back up.

                              Secondly, I know that you are a woman, but you may want to slightly bounce the bar off your chest. Again, since you are a woman, BE CAREUL when doing the bounce for obvious reasons.

                              Some people may suggest arching your back, but it has never helped me.

                              The bouncing off your chest and arching your back could lead to injuries down the road, but you will probably be okay for just one time.

                              Hope that helps,

                              -Who is embarassed that he could bench 350 pounds in college, and after he got married, can now barely put up 250 pounds.
                              "I assume you all have guns and crack."


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