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  • Need FORD technician....

    In the past 3 weeks, my 2001 F150 has been in the shop 5 times. No 'FORD' jokes, please.

    The Service Engine Soon light keeps coming on. They have replaced the EGR(truck has 18K miles on it) and the solenoids(?) involved in sending/receiving signals from the computer.....and it STILL comes on. They drive it, test it, no problem. But within 30 minutes of ME getting it.....

    This last time, after having it dropped off at work after being 'fixed', I called and asked what had been done. I was told the defective items were replaced and the computer reset. I asked 'Then why is the 'light' on again?' The guy was speechless for a moment, then said he 'guessed' he needed to call Detroit.


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    I think your car is haunted.

    You need to call ze Ghostbusters!


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      Well, sorry I can't help you with a solution, but if it makes you feel better, every patrol car (Ford Crown Vics)we have does the same thing. That's why I won't ever own a Ford. So far, the dealership and repair place can't tell us why the lights come on like that. Doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence in them. [Frown]

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        My neighbor is a longtime Ford Master Mechanic (went out of state to their training). I brought my '94 Explorer to him for the same problem.

        He hooked it up to some computer and the only thing he could find was some dopey sensor that I didn't even need. He said not to worry about it.

        You're smart to be concerned with this in a new truck but it could be nothing important.
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          Many times the software is more sensitive then it needs to be. The engineers who designed the software code use estimates and test data on a range of normal conditions the engine parameter being read will supposedly operate under. If the engine data falls outside that range, the computer will set a diagnostic trouble code.

          Many times the engineers can't get the engine to operate within these narrow windows of performance goals, so the they have to relax the software. You may want to consider suggesting to the "idiots" you are dealing with that you heard that they could "flash" the computer with different programming that would not be as sensitive and not cause the check engine light to come on.

          Or, they might have a new computer(read one that is not as sensitive to that parameter) that can make the problem go away.

          A good customer had his 99 explorer continully have the check engine light come on, and when I would scan it, the code would be with the engine misfire detector, yet the engine appeared to run as smooth as silk. The car dealer told him they fixed it by ordering a "special" computer.

          Hope this helps.


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            I'd look into your state laws and see what the Lemon Laws can do for you. Although it is possible the sensor light on doesn't affect anything, there's got to be a reason it's there. Just because there's no problem now, how will you know when there IS a problem if the light is always on. My Exploder ... I mean Explorer had that same problem, and after the third time back to the shop, they finally decided they should check the compression in the cylinders. The engine was rebuilt under warranty, and then the light never came back on.

            We also just got our department's Expedition back from the dealership ... We had checked the fluids (oil etc...)just before driving it to Las Vegas from the Bay area and when we checked it upon arrival in Vegas, it was 5 quarts low. We never smelled anything burning, and there were no noticeable leaks. Turns out it had a bad cylinder, and was burning oil all the way down there ... yikes.
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