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  • Favorite Resturants

    Well, there are posts on here asking what your favorite bands, etc are...but no one has asked what your favorite resturant is (the one thing closer to LEO beside the gun is a good meal ). So where are your favorite places or places you will never eat again?

    I love Chic-Fil-A. I could eat that everyday!
    In valor there is hope - Tacitus

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    Except Sunday.


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      Well, you know, I can go a day without food. I'll just buy more on Monday!
      In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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        Any Chinese Buffet and anyone that serves "real" Mexican, not this Tex-Mex stuff.

        I also like Hops. Steak and home brew...what certain dreams are made of!

        I used to really love Olive Garden for Italian. I still like them, but Romano's Macaroni Grill took number one. The fresh bread (not sticks) with the olive oil and fresh ground pepper.....mmmmmmmmmm.

        Any type of BBQ joint. We have Sonny's all over down here and I love it. Up until a few months ago, they didn't make "real" BBQ (NC style-can I get an Amen, Sgt. Dave?). Then they started offering pulled pork, but with sauce on the side...oh yeah!

        Any of the VA folks...ever been to a Pierce's Pit Cooked? Heaven on a bun!

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          Yeas, I love to eat. Let's not make an issue out of it.

          Fast Food:


          Couple of the local Mex restuarants (became buds with one of the owners I eat at one so much)

          Sometimes a Chinese Buffet, but I'm losing my taste for Chinese (eating it 5 times a week for 10 years will do that) (NOT THE ONE klar and sandie and I ate at -Yeecchh!-but it's all I have in my beat.)

          Two other local places (one a BBQ and one a steak place) have decks overlooking the river. The food is good at both, and they get 25 bonus points for AT-MO-SPHERE!

          Others that come to mind:

          Esmerelda Inn (Chimney Rock, NC)
          Carolina Nights Dinner Theater (Maggie Valley, NC)
          Kim Chi Chibs (Korean)(Fayetteville NC) (may be closed now )
          Seven Seas (Panama City Beach, FL)
          Houstons (South Florida)
          Spirit of Charleston (harbor boat) Dinner Cruise

          And ANY buffett that has good steak and good crab legs for less than $15!!!

          People have more fun than anybody.


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            Thanks FLLawdog, now I'm craving some Carolina style BBQ. It isn't easy to find in SoCal. I used to love a place called King's Barbecue in Colonial Heights Va. I also miss Waffle House.I really like Macaroni Grill for Italian.
            Bill R


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              Yes FLLawdog! Amen!

              I was posting at the same time.

              I'd mail you Bill some, but botulism is the gift that keeps on giving! [Eek!]
              People have more fun than anybody.


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                In Houston we have a chain of restaurants owned by the Pappa's brothers.

                Pappasitos- Mexican (My personal favorite)
                Pappadeaux- Cajun/Seafood
                Pappa's Steak house
                Pappamia- Italian (the only one that flopped)
                Pappa's BBQ
                Pappa's Seafood
                Few others I can't remember right now

                This chain thrived through the 90's due to the training and management standards they set on their staff. It was truly outstanding to have such outstanding service plus great food. However, it didn't last. I realized that the prestige was gone and when I asked to speak to the manager some pimple-faced, sloppy dressed teenager came out and asked if he could help me. They still have great food but the staff standards dropped extremely.

                Sgt. Dave,

                We have "Houstons" here and that place is great. I wonder if it's the same as the one in Florida though. Outstanding food in a formal setting with soft light. Man I took many of dates in tha that place.

                [ 08-22-2002, 11:46 AM: Message edited by: m*m ]


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                  I have to agree Chic-fil-a is about one of the greatest fast food places out. My favorite restaurant would have to be Philips. mmmmm Maryland Crab soup.
                  LETS GO CAPS!!

                  LETS GO TERPS!!


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                    Some local places I like:

                    Irish Rover (yummy yummy Irish food)

                    Azalea's (their brunch is soooooo good!)

                    I don't care for fast food much, but when I do, it's all about Steak and Shake.


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                      fave restaurants:
                      Dar Maghreb (Los Angeles and Palm Springs -- they specialize in Moroccan cuisine. Unbelievable!!)

                      Matali (NYC -- THE BEST Indian restaurant)

                      Akash (Cincinnati -- 2nd only to the Matali for Indian)

                      just about ANY Sushi bar!!
                      I'll post, You argue.


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                        My faves are all Italian restaurants. One in Philly, two very local to me.

                        In order:

                        Porta Rosa
                        Villa de Roma
                        Bona Cuccina


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                          Ah, food. There are a lot of places both local & chain restaurants that I like to eat at & the list would go on & on. Places we don't have though are Fazoli's, Cracker Barrel, Lambert's, Hooter's, & Steak & Shake.


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                            I'll bet it is. The person who took us when we were visiting said it was a "local chain", but that would make more sense.

                            Awesome soups-and I don't like soup.

                            Awesome appetizers.

                            Awesome meals.
                            People have more fun than anybody.


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                              Bill Bateman's Bistro. Right on the corner of campus so you can get drunk in-between classes.


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