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My neice, the policewoman


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  • My neice, the policewoman

    I saw her at my parents yesterday and, after talking to her, spent the day trying to convince her NOT to be a police officer! lol! She told some really scary stories! But, I could never get this girl off the police force. She LOVES it.
    She drives the DUI van a lot and told us some hysterical stories. She gave one guy a field test of touching his nose. He bought his finger onto his nose but when he put his arm out, he shot a bird at the camera! LOL! One guy was a PH.D and said his alphabet, "ABCDEGYUET....." LOL Others fight them but she never arretses alone, which made me feel better.
    She was off duty one day but had her gun with her. She walked to her car from the library and noticed an old Cadillac parked by her car. She said she also noticed that all four doors were cracked open a little bit. As she got nearer, she saw a leg step down and figured they were trying to rob or abduct her. She didn't use her gun. She used her keys to start the horn honking and lights blinking on her personal car. She said they took out of there like bats out of h***. They ran a red light and hit another car. She called for help and when she got there, they found many personal items of women and guns in the car. Thank God she was SO alert!
    But, now her brother is in the academy so it's more gray hairs for Mitzi!

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