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    I have one of a shark on my bicep(I was a surfer when I was younger growing up in VA, no surfing in AK!)
    I plan to get a couple more.
    I think as long as they are tasteful and look good it does not matter if women have them.
    I hate people who have tats of skulls, death, naked women, etc.
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      Sometime in the early 90s it became all the rage for girls to get little tiny tattoos on their ankles. It looks so prissy. A friend had the name JASON tattooed across her ankle in BIG letters (the ultimate curse on a relationship) ultimately though she married MARK. Her parents, as a wedding gift, agreed to pay for laser surgery. I’m thinking this is where most with tattoos will end up eventually. It might make you feel like a rebel at 20 but an 80-year-old rebel, not so cute. As far as my girl with the tattoo… I hear laser surgery is mighty painful. I adore the woman but that tattoo made her look sooo cheap. Everywhere we went people would just staaaaaare at her ankles.


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        I don't mind small tats on a woman, as long as they are done tastefully.


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          I love them! I have three and my wife has four.
          LETS GO CAPS!!

          LETS GO TERPS!!


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            I think tats make women look cheap.
            Bill R


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              Tatoos on girls can be sexy if they are not all over the place. Ankle, thigh, the small of the back is cool. Any where else is probably on a case-to case basis only.
              I've got one on my right upper arm It starts at the shoulder goes down to the middle of the bicep.
              Its a sword with a ribbon wrapped around it with my two daughters B-dates on the ribbon.
              Thinking about getting another, either Willie E Cayote holding a broken sword or Grumpy bear (care bear)hoding a small umbrella under a big rain cloud.
              Was going to get a police shield with two swords behind it (sort of like a crest)but after reading some posts here I decided not to put any police related markings on me.


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                I think smaller tats on women are ok, like on the ankle area or back. I have two tats, a christian fish symbol with a cross inside it on my left shoulder, and a cross and flame on my right shoulder. Both are not large tats, and are covered up with a shirt. I am thinking about one more, a lion and lamb laying together, but don't know where to place it.
                "Why is it that our children cannot read the Bible in school, yet they can in prison?"


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                  I have always wanted to get a tat, but there's nothing that I stand for so much that I want it on my body forever. Like, tweety bird or something, tomorrow I may not even like tweety bird. Then I would be stuck with it ( I am sure laser surgery is quite expensive). If I did get one though, it would be very small and in a spot that I could hide it with clothing if need be. I always thought if I got one, it would be on my ankle. My husband wants one, but I doubt he will ever get one.
                  I think tats are okay as long as they are done correctly and discret. I hate guys that have them all over them. You can take something too far.
                  In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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                    Okay SpecOpsWarrior:

                    Tell 'em!

                    Give 'em a run down of a MAN'S tattoos!

                    (I love this...)
                    People have more fun than anybody.


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                      On a man...

                      If there all over his arms and back, I don't like.
                      Maybe one on the forearm.

                      On a lady...
                      I don't see a problem with a lady getting a small one.

                      I won't get one anywhere on my body, because if I deside to remove it (like some people do!) it would leave a ugly scar.
                      Royce is a Lady


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                        Back in the day, I liked the small cute ones (snoopy etc) that were hidden on a woman that surprised me when I found it. Then all I could imagine when it was covered was getting another look at it.

                        I hate a tattoo covered woman though. I was working an extra job at a club and this drunk chick came out and wanted to show me and my partner her tattoo. She pulled down the wasteband of her skirt and below her navel under the panty line she had tattooed the following: "smells like fish but taste like chicken". That was the sickest thing I think I had ever seen tattooed on a woman.


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                          My tattoo is well hidden and tasteful. I don't like a bunch of ink on a man or a woman. A little goes along way.

                          My next tat, which will be somewhere on my back:


                          [ 08-22-2002, 11:25 AM: Message edited by: Piper ]


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                            I have to agree with a few others here -- I can't think of any adornment that I would want for the rest of my life. If I could, I'd fill up the hole left by the earring I haven't worn in almost 15 years.

                            Granted, I think the lower back tats and some others are sexy as he11...now. Because people like strippers and hot starlets have made them popular. But will it still be sexy in 20 years when eyeball-piercing or tooth-filing is all the rage? Or will it just remind you that you made the ultimate committment to what amounted to just another fad?
                            Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                              Dave always likes me to list my tats for some reason, I think we need to talk him into getting some, maybe at the O.com convention.

                              Here's my list!

                              Forehead: "SWORN TO GUNS" over an image of two M16's.

                              Underneath left eye: 5 tear drops, one for each life sentence.

                              Underneath right eye: "LAUGH NOW CRY LATER"

                              Front of neck: "SLICE HERE"

                              Back of neck: "IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOUR CLOSE TO DYING"

                              Back of head: An image of a bullet hole.

                              Right upper arm: "DEATH ROW 4 LIFE"

                              Right forearm: A sleeve with various images of flames and a picture of Satan.

                              Right hand, top: Image of a devil dog.

                              Left upper arm: Image of hooded man sitting in the electric chair.

                              Left forearm: Another sleeve with various images of naked women.

                              Left hand top: Image of the Playboy bunny.

                              Chest: "THUG LIFE 4 EVER" going across both pecs. This one is my favorite, it reminds me to "keep it real"

                              Back: "HILLBILLY MAFIA" over am image of the Stars and Bars. This one covers my whole back and is really quite impressive.

                              Stomach: "MAMA DIDN'T LOVE ME"

                              I added one since the last time I posted this. I have a yellow volkswagon tattooed on my johnson, when I get excited it turns into a school bus!

                              Thats about it.

                              And just in case your wondering. NO they didn't hurt, real men dont cry about getting ink!


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                                Originally posted by SpecOpsWarrior:
                                I added one since the last time I posted this. I have a yellow volkswagon tattooed on my johnson, when I get excited it turns into a school bus!

                                So, you didn't really clairify, is it the short bus or the regular size school bus?

                                [ 08-22-2002, 12:28 PM: Message edited by: Piper ]


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