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Mexico under seige


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  • Mexico under seige

    There is a very long investigative report in the Los Angeles times about the extreme violence taking place in Mexico involving the drug cartels. The thousands of murders and deaths of hundreds of police officers is detailed in a good report over several months. The brutal violence is like nothing seen in the states.

    Suggest that all read it.

    Retired LASD

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    Originally posted by Retired96 View Post
    The brutal violence is like nothing seen in the states.
    ....yet. Just wait. Some small towns on our side of the border in Texas are starting to see the fallout cross the border. It won't be long until they try that crap up here.
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    Lord have mercy. You're about as slick as the business side of duct tape.
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    You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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      Funny how one rarely hears about how many AMERICANS have been killed on the border in the last 3 years or so (somewhere over 3,000) by the drug cartels.....

      If people had ANY friggin' clue what was going on down there, there would be absolute mayhem regarding border security.

      It is a DANGEROUS situation down there...... and it's SICKENING how we hear very little about it across the country.

      One word......."GAFES"....... (look it up. research. learn.)


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        If that level of violence comes over the border, it will be high time to exterminate the cartels for the vermin they are......

        Directed airstrikes on their homes, places of work, EVERYTHING....'International Opinion' be damned......
        The posts on this forum by this poster are of his personal opinion, and his personal opinion alone

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          Can I come?!


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            I don't understand why Mexico (or most Latin American countries) doesn't have the death penalty...Once they catch up to the violent drug cartels/kidnappers they give them life in jail, if that...Mexico can't afford to help it law abiding citizens but they can afford jails?...The Mexican government is courupt, it's joke...We're encouraging these drug cartel by arresting officers that have shot at these cartels, ie doing their jobs...
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              There is a website that offers unique coverage of border and corruption issues involving Mexico. It can be found at http://borderreporter.com/
              It is updated several times a month and offers considerable insight on what goes on down there. Interestingly, the guy who runs it has yet to be taken out by the narco-traffickers or corrupt Mexican government officials.

              His latest chapter includes comments from a former drug trafficker on the $400 Million the US is giving Mexico to fight narcotics. The former trafficker says corruption is so rampant in Mexico that giving them $400 Million is like giving them a donation. I have reprinted the story below for your amusement.

              Mexico’s Narco Bailout

              THE BORDER REPORT

              From time to time, I like to give other people space to share their perspective on this border. Today, it’s a former drug trafficker for the Juárez Cartel, back from the days of Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

              “Rabbit,” as he was known then and will be known on BorderReporter.com, worked for the Juárez Cartel from 1984 onward. He was charged, and I have copies of the U.S. District Court indictment and sentencing agreement that establish his credibility, with possession with intent to distribute more than one thousand kilograms of marijuana, money laundering and the Kingpin Rule, known as running a criminal enterprise.

              Mexico’s $400 Million Tip

              I recently saw on CNN that the United States Government gave the first $197 million of $400 million to Mexico to battle Mexico’s never-ending war with its very powerful narco cartels. I had to laugh. If you saw what I’ve seen, you would too.

              In the mid-1980’s and the early 1990’s I worked for the Juárez Cartel. Everyone that I was involved with worked for Amado Carillo-Fuentes, the Lord of the Skies. Amado had countless Federal Security Directorate and PGR agents working for him. I lived in a house in Hermosillo that AFI agents guarded 24 hours a day, that was loaded with several thousand kilos of cocaine. The most expensive home was called club Fed. These agents were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect all of us. As long as the money flowed, we had the protection of the Mexican police.

              Over the years, we paid off Mexican police, Mexican federales and military personnel. We also paid Border Patrol agents on this side of the border. I had involuntarily donated several several expensive vehicles to Mexican officials. If I drove down to Mexico in a nice vehicle, I was told how much they liked my ride. So I handed the keys over and that was the last time I saw my car. I got smart after a while and started driving down there in an old Pontiac Ventura. They wanted no part of that car.

              Mexico could replace all the governors and all the upper level law enforcement heads along the border and still be plagued with corruption. The only success they would bring is bringing in a new band of thieves.

              But let’s look at Sonora for a second.

              At least 50 percent of all the U.S.’s narcotics are smuggled through Sonora. The U.S. governemnt confiscated 1.8 million pounds of pot on the Mexican border this year. They say that that reflects 15 percent of the gross product. So ask yourself how much space it takes to grow 10 million pounds of weed every year. Then ask yourself what $400 million pays for. We are not even talking about meth production or the thousands of acres of popies being grown there for the production of black tar heroin. Then you have the wide spread importation of cocaine from South America, 600 tons in 2007 alone.

              The Amercan Government pays Mexico your tax dollars to combat a war that Mexican officials aren’t even trying to win. They don’t want to win. Maybe they can’t afford to win The Mexican Army protects and is responsible for vast amounts of marijuana being grown in mexico for distribution in the U.S. Back whe nI was in the business, the Mexican army acted as scouts for the traffickers in the Northern Sonoran area.

              Along the border in places like Aqua Prieta and Naco, you have differnt narco traffickers that control that area. The Paredes-Machados family in Agua Prieta is one of these wealthy importers that are responsible for these areas. They have have used tunnels and the desert areas east of Douglas, Ariz., to import tons of marijuana and cocaine.

              The Paredes have people out there monitoring the border 24 hours a day. They rarely lose any product.

              My conclusion is that the United States just gave Mexico a $400 million donation. Whatever good that money can do, it will without a doubt be shadowed by the corruption that Mexico is known for. The problems down there are only beginning.

              I haven’t been in the business for two years, but I can promise you, nothing has changed.
              Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                And it's all funded by your friendly neighbor doper.


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                  Originally posted by Seventy2002 View Post
                  And it's all funded by your friendly neighbor doper.
                  Nonsense. Drug use is a victimless crime, remember?
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                    Originally posted by Southflaguy View Post
                    I don't understand why Mexico (or most Latin American countries) doesn't have the death penalty...Once they catch up to the violent drug cartels/kidnappers they give them life in jail, if that...Mexico can't afford to help it law abiding citizens but they can afford jails?...The Mexican government is courupt, it's joke...We're encouraging these drug cartel by arresting officers that have shot at these cartels, ie doing their jobs...
                    They do have the death penalty, it's just not on the books, criminals rarely make it to the police station, they miraculously disappear before they ever arrive at the police station.


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                      We have only ourselves to blame for the border problem. When "We", the American people hold our so-called leaders, our politicians, accountable and demand them to act upon what is by some measures, an overwhelming desire by a large percentage of Americans to solve this problem then they will act. Until then, they will only take half hearted and weak action against this issue. Which left unchecked in my opinion, eventually will lead to the end of this country as we know it.

                      When less than half of the eligible voting public votes in our elections, we have only ourselves to blame for the problems facing this country. And I don't just mean on a national level. I mean state and local also. So when we can pay a little less attention to what the people are doing on the latest reality T.V. show or have 24 hr a day news coverage for a murdered child, (although it is important), etc, etc and maybe try and find out what our politicians have done to us....er...I mean, done for us...then maybe we will wake up.


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                        Isn't mexico always in a state of problems???


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                          Hate to break it to you, but the crime is already coming north. We just haven't seen the murders of 20 people at once, yet. Many of these incidents are either not reported or don't even make the local news because of the remote areas they occur.


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                            do we have to invade and take over mexico again?

                            "Hail Hail State Police, king of the road can follow me, nothing in this world is free, a Troopers life was made for me".



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                              just as our brothers at Phoenix PD and Maricopa...they deal with this stuff daily
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