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  • Going Cable

    I'm getting a cable internet hook up next week. I have heard good things about it. Anyone using it already?
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    A good friend of mines has it, he hate's it. Keeps booting him off and it just goes down for no reason. Now on the other hand my dad has DLS and he loves it. Never had any problems. Good luck.



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      Yes. It's fantastic ... download time on MP3s got chopped to a tenth!


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        In a word...AWESOME! Average wait time for an MP3 is 3 minutes. If it takes more than 10, I look for another source.

        Average page load...seconds.

        Word of warning, though. The cable companies have "hubs" in each neighborhood. The more users hooked to your hub will slow your time. However, the slowest cable isn't near as slow as the fastest dial up. I've got two neighbors hooked to my hub and it's still quick.


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          I have had Cable for for over two years. It is awesome! I download HUGE files that would take hours on a dial-up, and it takes minutes, sometimes just seconds on the cable.

          Pages load faster than the PC can process them sometimes.

          When I have to use someone else's PC with a dial-up, or my laptop with a wireless at 19.9 I get SOOOO frustrated!!

          You will be spoiled.

          FLLawdog was correct, users share bandwidth. On a DSL you have your very own connection to the phone company; your own wires.

          On cable everyone downline of the hub shares the same cable space. I notice a significant decrease in speeds about 4 in the afternoon when the kids get home from school, but it still smokes a dial-up.
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            After two continuous years of DSL service I wanted to try a cable modem instead. My local cable company had a special that included EVERY channel, digital cable box rental, cable modem rental, and unlimited cable internet, all for only $5/month more than I was paying for both DSL and basic cable.

            Well, the deal turned out too good to be true. The setup worked for exactly one week. Then I started having the problems that drew speaks of: being kicked off the connection. At first it did it once a day, then it became once an hour.

            My cable company's solution was to tell me to unplug the modem and shut the computer off, wait a few minutes, then restart everything. I was NOT about to do this once per hour. After some arguing over the phone, the cable company agreed to send someone over...sometime next week

            Plus, when it DID work, despite claims of cable being faster than DSL I found my connection to be exact opposite. Pacific Bell guarantees a minimum 384k from DSL, but because I live so close to a switching station I'm getting speeds in excess of 1.2m. With cable, I couldn't top 512k.

            Fortunately, I had NOT yet cancelled my DSL service, so I simply hooked everything back up again. As before, it worked flawlessly, as it has ever since.

            I dumped off the cable modem at my cable company office the next day.


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              I've had cable for about two years, and for the most part, things have been good. I would NEVER go back to dial-up. I have no patience for that. It's too slow.

              I hear a lot of good things about DSL and have been tempted to go that route. I'll give it a shot someday.


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                I have DSL and I love it!!!!!!

                Fast downloads, doesn't tie up your line, and no worries about logging in.


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                  I have cable modem (in addition to working for a cable modem provider as tech support). Ours works great.

                  However, I am a big gamer, and I plan to buy several heavily online-only games soon, and I've heard that DSL is faster for gaming because of the way it sends data packets. I'll try the cable for a while, if it works, awesome and if not, over to DSL.
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                    I've had cable internet from two different providers. Each has given me excellent service and little to no down time.

                    Downloads are really fast.

                    Be sure and get a firewall up if you get cable internet. I get people trying to hack into my computer two or three times a week. I don't have anything really worth looking at and don't keep any PIN's or credit card numbers on it. I just don't want folks going through my computer or using it for devious things.
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                      my cable is faster than my brother's DSL. every once in a while i'll have to restart the connection, but it's only about once a month.

                      cable is cheaper and faster than DSL. i prefer it.


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                        I have a cable comp hookup; would never use anything else at this point.


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                          Thanks Y'all
                          Walk slow, Talk low, and Don't say Too Much.


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                            started with dial-up, upgraded to DSL and loved it. Moved, and DSL is not available in my new neighborhood ... too far from the routing station. Now I'm with Cable, which is a bit cheaper than DSL, faster than dial-up, and, I have all this neat equipment I got from DSL when I had it, that I can't use anymore right now. Luckily I got the DSL modem for free with the year term rebate. I also run everything through a 2Wire home portal to network my computers, and more importantly to create a firewall. This is a lot better than before, and I love being able to talk on the phone and play on the computer at the same time ... AND, I don't currently run in to any problems with being dumped ...
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                              I just went out and bought $320 worth of routers, cable, connectors, and networking cards for our new house. We're going to get RR Cable and split it for 3 computers in our new house.

                              Since I couldn't do it by myself if i wanted to, I luckily have hired one of the detectives that I worked with over the summer who's going to come and install it. It'll be nice to see him again, plus I'm sure he'll do a good job, since he does this as one of his off-duty contracts. We'll see how it works out.



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