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  • Who is your hero?

    Hi everyone - The holiday season is one of the most important times to think of our heroes in uniform. At GreatAmericans.com you’ll find countless inspiring stories submitted by people all across the country. We want to know who your hero is this Christmas. Leave a reply and share their story. And Happy Holidays – Tom, with the GreatAmericans.com team.

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    All of those in uniform, whether military, police, firefighters ect.. Those who work regardless of the holiday or conditions to make a safer place for the rest of us.
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    The real deal

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      My mom. She is my mother and was my father.


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        Green Lantern


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          Inspirational people: Dunn

          I consider Warrick Dunn of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers an inspirational individual. Raised in a single-parent home, his police officer mom (the single parent) was shot and killed during a robbery while she was working an extra job. Dunn was a teen when it happened. Two days after his 18th birthday, Dunn was awarded custody of his 5 younger brothers and sisters. He was able to keep the family together, be successful in college, and is in his 12th season in the NFL.

          His life is certainly a story of overcoming the odds. For Dunn's Wiki short story go here: Dunn.
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            Superman and Albert Pujols.
            Prov 17:17 A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.


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              Col David Hackworth

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              In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete drawn only to be washed away, for the time that I've been given, I am what I am. I'd rather you hate me for everything I am, Than have you love me for being something that Im not


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                Ted Nugent...gotta love "Uncle Ted"!!


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                  Anyone who'd die for their country (military)

                  Anyone who'd die for innocent people at home (police/fire) but I guess you could say the same about military for that too :S. There was this guy

                  People like him:

                  Like the guy on NGC who joined the Army, left a multi-million dollar Chicago software company and became an Army medic to help the Afgani's and kill the taliban over there. Very admiring guy.


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                    My late pop. A farm child of the depression - dirt poor. A WW2 Soldier; shot, recovered, got malaria. A Police Officer 28 years; beaten, cut and left for dead. After all that; raised me good - with rules, discipline and loving compassion. Tought me how to shoot, survive outdoors, woodworking, carpentry, humor and dealing with life. And how to be humble before God.

                    He was simply my example of what a man, really is.

                    I miss him so. Merry Christmas, Dad.
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                      Both of my parents, specifically because their work ethic was and is unbelievable.


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                        Jesus Christ is my hero becasue he gave his life for me and loves me unconditionally!

                        Captain Caveman runs a close 2nd! LOL
                        Strong Body, Sharp Mind And Good Tactics!


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                          Originally posted by jdlong View Post
                          Ted Nugent...gotta love "Uncle Ted"!!
                          I thought I knew who I would pick until I saw this post. Oh well, I still think Bengt Aberg was cool.


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                            Anybody who fought in the Pacific.
                            "For with much wisdom comes much sorrow;
                            the more knowledge, the more grief."


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                              "Friendly Fire, isn't"


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