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Please some Advice for Rookie


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  • Please some Advice for Rookie

    I have just been hired at a small department. I have dispatched there for 2 years, and just completed Class I school when I had the interview. I worked my BUTT off and jumped a few guys and got word that I was hired 3 days ago. I am very excited but have some apprehension. I take the prescription drug Zoloft I started taking it for anxiety about 6 months ago. Will it matter that I take this if it shows on the drug test? As well I have apprehension about the Psych evaluation.
    Please give me some advice. I have worked SO hard and come TOO far for something like this to ruin my dream of being a police officer. Thanks for ANY and ALL help!

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    Originally posted by Franky:
    jumped a few guys
    First of all, clarify this sentence please

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      I'm guessing he means that he was hired before a few people that had been there longer.

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        Zoloft/sertraline is an inhibitor that is used to treat such mental disorders as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive, etc. Zoloft isn't a narcotic, so I wouldn't think it would show up on a drug test.

        That being said, since this drug is used to treat mental disorders, I would wonder if that might give you problems when you tell the doctor during your medical exam that you are taking the drug (I'm sure he will ask what medications you're on). I hope that you're not considering witholding the fact that you have this problem, as if they ever found out you lied, you could be terminated for witholding information during the application process. If I were you, I'd tell the recruiter and see what he says. It would be better to find out that you're ineligible and apply when your condition is treated, than to lie about it and get caught...forgoing any chance of ever being hired again.

        I'm not an expert on either topic (I just remember studying Zoloft in a pharmacy class), but I would think that having a diagnosed mental disorder (even if it is minor) COULD hurt your chances of being hired (especially if you need medication to control it). But then again, I may be wrong.

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