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  • Officer Safety

    G'day all

    This topic is a continuation of Australian Posters which was shifted to Civil Rights.

    It probably won't last long here. I'm sure the moderators will want to close off the topic - but - To the moderators - this is NOT a Civil Rights issue. This is a discussion about the health and safety of LEOs, and the fact that as cops, we should always advocate reducing gun ownership for our own benefit. This is a General Discussion Topic.

    You seppos always amaze me. It's probably too late to change the mess that you have over there - purely because there are so many people who would defend there right to carry firearms. And yet, if there was no right to bear arms, and any firearms were strictly licensed and controlled, then you would have a whole lot less schoolyard massacres, drive-by shootings, whackos hidden out in them thar hills just waiting to defend their g****m right to bear arms and shoot LEOs trying to do their job.
    You would have less cops shot in domestics, less cops shot while doing traffic stops, less cops shot arresting druggies, less cops shots in just about any law enforcement situation.

    You would also have a whole lot less trigger happy cops (with good reason), an unfortunate percentage of whom are going to shoot some poor bastard in the wrong place at the wrong time. There would be less cops undergoing counselling for shooting and killing another person, be they an offender, adult, juvenile or an innocent bystander.

    And Artie - sorry I wasn't around during other discussions.

    I'm a bit like Rule. I used to own a couple of rifles many years ago - until I had kids and made the decision that there would be no guns in the house that might lead to an accident. Of course the seppos can't make a decision like that, because there is some other idiot out there who also has a gun.

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    When I went to H.S. we had a rifle club and a shooting range in the basement of our school. How times have changed in the last 25 years. We all owned shot guns pretty much by the time we were 10 years old too. Funny thing nobody thought of shooting any cops or shooting up the school. Maybe it is not the guns that are the problem?


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      I believe schoolyard massacres are due to media coverage and kids with problems, as there wasn't a problem with kids and guns 2 years ago. I find it funny that guns seem to be the problem now according to you. You talk of all of these illegal acts and I criminals acquire guns (and other weapons) illegally right now, what makes you think that just by banning or forcing registration of guns it will prevent the possession and use of them? Ban guns and what will they use next? Knives? Want to ban those too? About the trigger-happy officers, you seem to wish to disarm all officers also? Do you propose officers ask the criminal with a weapon to please not hurt them? I think not! Police officers aren
      Please take a moment to visit home of the first police explorer post in the country.


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        Copitsweet, there has yet to be any proof that a banning of guns in America will or even has decreased crime.

        Here are some sources.,2933,7217,00.html


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          copitsweet, I have never met a trigger-happy cop, and the only poor judgement I have knowledge of is where cops have waited too late to shoot. Please enlighten us as to which of our police officers you think are trigger happy, and why you think it is strictly an American problem. Additionally, if you think banning gun ownership will mean all of the bad-guys will turn in their guns to become law-abiding bad-guys, I have another question to ask of you: What do you really do for a living because you sure as heck aren't a real cop?



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            I was only joking when I wrote before asking where were you when the other forums were going. I think I kept my ground each and every time. I know that I did not budge from my position. Although I don
            "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they are open." Sir James Dewar 1842-1923


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              I'm glad I live here...
              Our country was born of revolution and it is the best example why the right to bear arms is so important.
              As for school shootings the data and facts actually show a very significant drop in school violence since the 1970s despite a large inrease in gun production and population.
              The most common thread these mass school shooters have in common is parents with no grasp on what it means to raise a child.
              It is alarming that most of these shooters were on some type of mood altering drug dring their adolesence.
              I say we ban the ADD HDDLMNOP doctors from giving these new wonder drugs out like they were candy to kids that really only need to have discipline put in their lives by parents.
              Boo! Scared ya did'nt I


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                Sorry, Copitsweet, as far as I can see- this IS a topic on gun control.

                I am moving it to "Civil Rights". It's just a point and click away, and it won't take you half a second to get there.

                Copitsweet, we have to keep relevant topics in their respective forums.
                [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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