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What brought you to Officer.com as a member??


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    I know you witches get pms but what is pm? Is that pleasing men? Just curious...


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      Originally posted by wonderwoman:
      Mike, you have a thing about that suit eh?
      WW: I think he wants to wear it.


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        Contain yourself babee! Private shows ARE available...


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          I had used officer.com for years, to look up info on other departments. For some reason, it was only earlier this year that I noticed that it had a forum; so much for MY observation skills

          I came in, and liked what I saw. I like the participation from officers around the world here, and it shows the crap is the same no matter where you patrol.

          I also like the fact that the moderators do a good job of throwing the trolls out. Of course, not before we're done drawing and quartering them!


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            I was just wandering around the web when I found officer.com. I was basically looking for info on departments when I was looking for a job. I waited until I graduated from the Academy earlier this year before I registered.


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              Well, I thought I would end this thread by saying that I am glad to see so many positive things said about the site that takes up the most of my time allotted for computer socialization.

              I found this site while sitting at my desk at work during a rather lengthy and boring teleconference call. I was trying to find a site with credibility that was professional, yet friendly, but most important where I could feel free to remain 70% anonymous and not feel pressured, or devalued because of this. However, I have come to find that a significant number of others feel the same way.

              I have enjoyed the environment and the “friends” that I have met here! I have enjoyed the unique personalities. Although, it has been obvious that we have not agreed on everything, I have never felt belittled because of it.

              I have enjoyed posting topics and responding to posts. (even though there may be a few that think I do it to much ) Most of all, I have enjoyed reading others posts! I have come to care about what happens in each of the lives as I check in during the day and/or evening. “Did so and so get the job? Is so and so feeling better today….etceteras.”

              Officer.com has also been a good learning environment for me. Everything from understanding better the rational for “No gun control”, how to best barbecue chicken….. and knowing what a Olympic Arms AR-15 is!!!

              Officer.com has been a “stress vent” for me. A place where I choose to be, where the stresses of work can’t find me… where I can be funny, happy, sad or silly!

              Thank you all for your part in that!

              (and if you were away and wish to add your comments on what brought you here, please do so..)

              [ 09-09-2001: Message edited by: wonderwoman ]


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                I couldn't have said it better. You, like so many here, really do touch the lives of others. You're a wonderful lady and I've really enjoyed getting to know you here.




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                  I did a search at www.google.com :-)
                  Rob Nease
                  USA, PV2
                  Military Police


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