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Is the priesthood relevant anymore?


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  • Is the priesthood relevant anymore?

    Priest justifies paedophilia

    This news article astounds me, then again, when you think about it, it does not astound me as much as disgusts me. This priest has given evidence on behalf of a person charged with paedophilia that the acts of paedophilia were good for the children and described the rapes as moments when the children flowered. Can you believe that??? :-x

    The priest told one of the children that making love was a way of being in touch with God. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    That particular priest, and others like him, are WRONG, very perverted and do NOT represent the majority of Roman Catholic adherents, such as myself.
    If that priest had only become aware of the incidents through hearing the suspect's Confession, I would have to stand behind his decision to NOT reveal the details of the man's admissions, but I would have encouraged that priest to find a way to notify the authorities about the man's activities in such a way to not violate the priest's vow of secrecy.
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      I'm not sure what the activities of this sicko have to do with questioning the relevency of the priesthood, but I do know this belongs in Various Topics because it'll probably turn into a religion discussion.


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