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(rant) Stupid Excuses


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  • (rant) Stupid Excuses

    Just got off and got home-I know this is not supposed to bother me, but I thought I'd share it with "yall":

    Adjacent PD stopped vehicle and suspects (two WF's) tonite from BOLO on a B, E, L To MV (just occurred) that have been doing larcenies from vehicles for at least a week. They had evidence in car from two more that had not yet been reported.

    Consent search of house found stolen property from several jurisdictions and over the last two years.

    I will be charging on one and I was interviewing the 17 year old (actually a niece-aunt team-very unusual.) She was being (fairly) open and honest, and the reason she did it IS:

    She has one child and can't support it, and is pregnant, and to keep from "going on welfare" or having to ask for help, she's doing car B&Es to pay for child care and an abortion.

    I feel better knowing these civic minded folk are out there.
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    You know, what the heck do you even say to something like that


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      I'd say what Judge Judy would say; "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!"
      Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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        Jimminy-freakin-Cricket …

        I remember when I was still a Univ. student driving to classes every day on a rather small, two-lane road with a double-yellow line. Pretty straightforward, right? I mean – don’t we all learn this stuff in Drvs. Ed?
        Anyway – apparently thinking the good ol’ double-yellow not enough, there was a sign out there just past the University sign and just before the second entrance; the sign said: Do Not Pass.

        Now, I’m not kidding – I don’t know how many put the two & two together, but every single day I drove past there and saw that sign, I had a good laugh or a bemused smile.

        I swear more & more now, it’s frightening thinking how may are out there who would just take that literally – not relative to driving on that road, but relative to the school.
        There seem to be a lot of those “graduates” out there now – who are, sadly, DWE (Driving Without Education).

        The stupidity some people are capable of, never ceases to amaze me.

        Really. Can’t you just picture that sort of individual being pulled over by a cop for passing over the double-yellow on that road: staring at the Officer with a perplexed look; showing him their gpa. for the last quarter and saying: “Look you idiot! I haven’t been passing anything!”


        Judge Judy is just right about that … for heaven’s-sake …
        My respect, admiration and gratitude to all those who Protect and Serve. - Citizen


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          Just one more reason that I'm a big advocate of Mandatory Sterilization for criminals, tweekers, bad parents, etc.


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            That reminds me of when my son was 14. He took 15$ out of my wallet and proceeded to treat his frinds to pizza. When I figured out what happened, I called him on the carpet. His reason for *taking* the $15 was that he was tired of not having any money*. It was so bad that, when I told him he could earn his money like his father and I did, he replied that that money was not mine, it was his Dad's, as I wasn't working at that time. Therefore, he tried to say I stole that money! It took a great deal of attitude adjustment to get him to see the error of his ways but I got back the 15$.


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