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  • Personal Idiosyncrasies

    We'll be nice and call them idiosyncrasies or personality quirks(or anal retentive traits if you want). We all have them, what are yours?

    In the rare times I have more than 1 dollar, all my bills have to be facing the same way in my pocket. Right side up, facing same direction.

    I also have a compulsion to make all my keys face the same direction on the key ring. All the smooth edges the same way. Double sided one's don't count

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    I am the same about money bills. They have to be facing the same way, folded up in my wallet.
    I also check my purse every night to make sure my keys are in them.
    My husband has a quirk he doesn't know I know about. He gets it from his father. He takes a certain amount of money and hides it in the house, changing the hiding places every week. He tried to do that with the new checks too but it didn't fly too well with me so he stopped it.


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      I like my bills to be all facing the same way and in proper order ie one then fives tens and on rare occassions twenties. All have to face the same way and heads have to be up. I will stand in a line and hold everyone up as I make sure that they all are in my wallet properly. I know I have others but for the life of me I can not think right now. I will get back to you on that.
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        I also have to unfold them and hand them in order of denomination and all facing the same to the clerk. It drives me nuts to see people handing over wadded up bills. (I was a clerk before, so that's probably why)


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          Nite yer scaring me man.....we're we seperated at birth???

          Same websites visted, same money compulsion same key compulsion.

          Another one I have involes CD's,Tapes,LP's etc. All of the artists are in alphabetical order and all discs by an artist are in chronological order by release date.
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            I'm with you on the money thing and I also have to squeeze the toothpaste from the closed end of the tube first, flattening it as I go. It just looks neater and it keeps the cap end less gummed up with paste. My girlfriend has informed me that I am officially anal. Better that than a slob I guess.


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              How about people that don't tighten the cap, then those of us that squeeze from the bottom (like you should to get it all out), shoot the cap across the room.


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                I was a clerk once also so I guess that's where I get the thing about the bills. I get perturbed when they hand me the bills with the change on top of it for some reason. Another quirk I have is I can't stand my wedding rings to get dirty. I clean them every night.
                My sons's quirk is one he has had since high school. He will put all his clothes he's going to wear, neatly folded and hung, in a certain order, on the fireplace. We are hitting heads over this tho because I don't want that stuff there when we have company. I noticed that, if I try to remove them, no matter how gently, here he comes with, "MOM! I'll do it." Then he hangs them in his room in the same order he had them. lol!


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                  I am the same way about my money, all facing up, ones, fives, tens etc... I also like things always being neat and organized, which is a good trait. The base for the cordless phone, it always seems to be straight on the table, but I like it diagonal in the corner, I need to figure out who keeps moving the thing lol ....
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                    I have to have all my files perfectly organized on my computer in a hierarchy that it seems only I understand.

                    I also cannot cook or even put away groceries unless the kitchen is spotless.. even one dish in the sink, I will have do clean before putting away groceries.

                    Same thing with my desk.. cannot work unless it is clean.
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                      I'm almost embarrassed because I am so anal retentive!

                      I'm the same way with the money thing. All the bills have to face the same way, and when I have them in my wallet, they all have to be in order of denomination, from $20's on down. They all get grouped together.

                      When I wake up in the morning and open my blinds, they all have to be even. If they're even a little crooked, it drives me crazy.

                      I don't let anyone fold clothes here. I have a certain way I like them folded, and if they're done different, I'll do them all over again.

                      I hate messy drawers and closets. Everything has to be put away nice and neat and in certain piles. This way, when you go to find what you're looking for, it's right there for you.

                      I can't do any work here on the computer until everything is its place on my desk. I can't stand clutter. The same goes for my desk at work and school.

                      When I'm reading a book, even if I'm exhausted and can't keep my eyes open, I can't put it down until I get to the end of the chapter. Stupid, I know.

                      Like Niteshift, I'm the same way with my keys.

                      I absolutely hate dirt on my walls (and we all know how little boys are, can't keep dirty hands off the walls, and mine are no different). Oh God, it drives me crazy.

                      When we have Chinese food, nobody is allowed to open the fortune cookie to see what it says until after they are done the meal, whether they like to eat the cookie or not.

                      I've always blamed my habits on being a Virgo. We're picky people. I can't help it!

                      I'll stop now. I'm embarrassed as it is.


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                        Jesus Katey!!! You'd make a great fascist!!!
                        In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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                          Not only do all my money have to facing the right way, they cannot have wrinkles or the corners folded ever so slightly. I usually iron my money with starch. It makes them nice and crisp and they lay smoother in my posket. when I eat, I eat one item until it is gone, I never mix them. Then I go on to the next item!
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                            Wow, After reading all of the problems people have, I will fit right in. I can not stand to see a tub of butter, coolwhip,etc that is perfect on top. I have to open it when i get home from the grocery store and stir it. I also have no cabinet doors in my kitchen. I have to see the food at all times while passing thru the kitchen. I think it has something to do with being starved as a child. My mom used tolock up the food because she thought as kids my brothers and sisters and I ate to much. How weird is that! But my biggest problem is everything has to match, be it the towels in the bathroom all the way to my underwear with my clothes. Its awful. I corrupted my nephew. He gets a case of the a*# when he does not match. Temper tantrum and all.
                            "To each his own"


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                              Either we're all more normal than we think or Blondie has a big potential client base here


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