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Robbery Victim Strikes Back - Bad Shoot, Good Shoot?


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  • Robbery Victim Strikes Back - Bad Shoot, Good Shoot?

    Waukegan, IL (about an hour north of Chicago)

    A man robs a Waukegan store at gunpoint, and tries to get away on a bicycle.

    The store clerk follows him outside and fires 7 gunshots.

    The robber is killed by a bullet that entered through his back, while he was trying to get away.

    Was the shooting self defense, or vigilante justice?

    The robber has been identified as Brandon Starks of North Chicago. He was 20 years old, and has a criminal background.

    It turns out, the weapon he used to rob the store was a pellet gun.

    His family wants the store clerk to face charges. The Lake County State's Attorney Office is reviewing surveillance video from the store, and interviewing witnesses. A decision on whether charges will be filed, is expected next week.

    We want to hear from you.

    Did the store clerk act in self defense? Or, should he face jail time? Post a message.

    Please watch the video below

    I like the fact that media didn't report this guy just was released from prison a month ago for burglary.

    So what do you think? If you were a prosecutor would you go forward with this case? Remember before answering, IL is an anti gun state....or atleast it seems that way at times.
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    First thought:

    Clerk shooting gun at a robber on a bike puts everyone on the street in danger.

    Second thought:

    Clerk shooting him inside the store with the gun pointing at him (pellet gun or not) is justifiable.

    Shooting after the robber has left? That I find questionable.

    The kid shouldn't have been robbing the store. Period. But does that justify the death penalty?


    Would it have been acceptable procedure in your department for an officer to shoot and kill a fleeing robber?

    Just asking if that is the case, not suggesting it would be wrong.
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      Probably not a good shoot..........however, noone will ever have to worry about this turd ever taking their hard earned property again.
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        Clerk shooting in the neighborhood is no more dangerous that letter an armed robber go off into the neighborhood preparing for his next robbery.


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          Fleeing felon?


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            He is in the public sector....I believe he was justified. I dont like to judge when I wasnt there. My only problem is the clerk put a lot of people in danger but if he believe the gun was real he could have been also thinking about the safety of the public if the guy goes and shoots someone else.

            The clerk took care of our dirty work and saved tax payers money.
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              also this reminds me of the video on the internet of the guy that walks into gas stations with pantyhose over his head and attempts to buy products. IMO if I was a clerk and he walked in I would be pointing a shotgun at him....stupid..
              "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." President John F. Kennedy


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                Originally posted by Eric_C View Post
                Fleeing felon?
                Eh? You would have to show more than just robbery of a store. Maybe if he robbed the store, shot everyone inside, came out shooting at people in the streets, then I would say that the fleeing felon rule is a no brainer.

                The threads scenario unfourtunately will probably be unjustified. The guy fleeing from the store after the robbery? See you in another life.


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                  Was the shooting justifiable? Perhaps because this young kid was most likely going to continue robbing other stores and who knows, maybe in one of those robberies he could of ended up killing a clerk/bystander. Although, firing 7 shots is not just an attempt to scare the kid off, its someone looking for "vigilante justice" which is not "justice". I dont think the store owner should be facing criminal charges because if he would of shot him in the store, it would be completely justifiable but just since he went outside the store and chased him the question of was the clerk seeking revenge or was he looking for payback arrises.


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                    Who really cares? This guy was a punk. No more will he be able to rob other people. Maybe if he didn't die, he would have used a real gun and killed someone else next time.

                    The courts are corrupt and full of politicians in black robes. He would have gotten a slap on the wrist and went out and maybe hurt YOUR family next time.

                    Good riddance.


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                      According to Illinois law, civilians may use deadly force if reasonable and necessary to prevent death or grievous bodily injury in defense of themselves or other persons. Peace officers are in addition allowed to use deadly force to stop an armed fleeing forcible felon who presents a severe danger to the public. If the store clerk reasonably believed that the robber was still presenting an imminent danger of death or grievous bodiliy injury to him or to another, he was legally justified in his application of deadly force. If not, unless deputized or summoned for the purpose by a peace officer, he was required by law to let the perp go, even if he thought the person would maybe do the same thing the next day. It looks to me like the clerk is not on solid ground legally in this situation.


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                        Just based on the information of the news report, I'm thinking the Prosecutor will present to Grand Jury and he will be indicted and charged. Sad for him.


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                          In Idaho the statute says that and officer is allowed to use deadly force if a felon is fleeing and is a imminent threat upon the public, HOWEVER, I just found online that a "co-defendant" (I assume that means the one was being victimized?) is not allowed to use the same force that police officers are...So, sadly, he could be facing criminal charges. Personally I dont agree with that


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                            Depends on state law. In MI it would be a good shooting (fleeing felon). In IL, I don't know.


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                              Two words: Jury nullification.

                              The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

                              The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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