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Dumbest two Cops I ever saw.


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  • Dumbest two Cops I ever saw.

    On Friday night on Fox, I was watching
    the Police Chase Videos where they play
    the best police chases they see.

    Okay, there is this guy the police have been
    chasing for 30 or 40 minutes and he is
    nearing what I believe are the two dumbest
    cops I have ever seen. One of the morons
    goes towards the road and tries to wave
    the fleeing felon down. Duhhhhh, that
    cop and his partner are lucky to be alive.
    I sure hope those 2 cops saw themselves
    on TV, and realized how much danger they
    put themselves in by NOT USING ANY COMMON

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    I did see that episode. I agree, that wasn't all too smart. And did they really think that waving would actually get the crazed adrenaline driven driver to stop? Who knows......heh
    "Hello? Operator! Give me the number for 911!" - Homer Simpson


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      How about the one where the guy tries to stop the fleeing car with road flares!


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        Sounds like something the cops back home in Wyoming would try to do.


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          On Discovery this weekend, they had a show about hostage negotiations and showed this mini standoff at the Cali/Mex. border. Man had his 18 month old held hostage with a knife first to the boy, then to himself. U.S. Customs and Local and State LE rushed the car.

          One quick thinking Customs agent took the bull by the horns and did a good job, considering he had no training, in holding the scene until proper relief arrived. Meanwhile, officer after officer kept charging the car with their guns drawn, drawing down on the subject.

          Everything the agent tried to do went for naught because of their actions. Finally, he talked the subject out of the car and as soon as he got out, he was rushed again and went back in. One well meaning(I'm sure) officer even maced the guy while he was holding the baby! Yeah, that does wonders to avert an already bad scene!

          The agent, somehow, gets the guy's confidence and he gets out of the car and heads for the border. Before getting there, he's maced again, and the agent is able to grab the baby when the subject makes a run for the border. He's of course brought down by an officer and a K9.

          More intelligence with the dog! The dog got a good nip on the subject, but an officer, in his haste to make the collar, tripped over the dog, making him lose his grip. Then there was pig pile of like 8 officers and a land shark going after the same piece of meat! If no one else got bit...and bit HARD...it's a miracle!


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            I saw that same tape at one point too, and couldn't believe the complete clusterf**k that was going on. How many guys with guns do you need to cover a guy with a knife?


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