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All our joking over Bubba, the cat:(


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  • All our joking over Bubba, the cat:(

    My husband just took Bubba to the vet. He has gone into kidney failure. They are working on him, hydrating him to see of they can jump start his kidneys. He's so weak, he can't walk or even hold his head up. My heart is breaking. Our other little deaf cat, Peppercat, is running everywhere looking for his best buddy. They have been partners in crime so long, I don't know what Peppercat will do without him. Peppercat is the smart one and Bubba followed him everywhere. They were always in some sort of trouble.
    We are all sad.

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    My respect, admiration and gratitude to all those who Protect and Serve. - Citizen


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      Thanks, Tia. Our pets become like our kids, don't they. Bubba is about 8 now. Peppercat is almost 11. It was hard to see Bubba like that. He's a big boy and alays so funny. He never got out of his kitten stage and it was fun watching a 20lb kitten! lol I hope they can save him. He's a great cat.


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        Vet just called.....Bubba is worse....He's giving him until later this evening then he may have to put him down. I wasn't ready to let go of Bubba yet.


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          I know exactly how you feel... My cat Sasha was sick for a month and a half and just died on August 23rd. Three weeks before that she got really bad and was comotose for three days.. I couldn't bring myself to put her down.. I felt like a murderer.. so I just lied with her.. called off work for a few days and kept feeding her fluids and she perked up. She was getting better I thought and then two days before she died, she relapsed and went back into a coma and finally slipped away... You think you are ready for it.. but you never are.

          My cats were my family.. I live alone and have no kids, just them. I found them when they were only 5 weeks old on the side of the road and took care of them ever since.

          My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and with Bubba.. I wouldn't wish this sort of pain on anyone.

          No partner is worth your tears -
          the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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            It is heartbreaking. I have cried all day. Bubba was a "dumpster" kitten. Someone put his litter in a dumpster to let them die. We adopted him. He's a big old boy with a heartfull of love. We just can not believe this happened. He has gone for two days with his kidneys blocked, unbeknownst to us.
            Mostly, I feel sorry for our son. He slept with our son every night.
            I'm just praying really hard. I would sure miss his nosekisses if the vet can't save him.


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              I'll keep Bubba in my prayers. I really hope he'll be ok.

              I know what you mean about your pets being your family. The become your children and they love you unconditionally.

              I've had my cat, Ronald since the day he was born. I watched as his mom, Cookie gave birth to him in my closet. He was the runt and came out breech. Quite an experience. He's like my own child. When I say, "Come to Mommy" and he comes running so I can pet him.

              Don't give up hope, Mitzi.


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                Anyone who thinks animals are dumb, and are just throwaway items, I'd like to take them out behind the barn and give them a good thrashing!

                I think of all the animals I've seen come and go over the years; loved them all, and miss them all.

                I always told my daughter, in teaching her to treat animals with respect, that an animal, such as a dog or a cat, will never forsake you. It is not wise to take their love and affection for granted.

                I have my dog Toby; he's 6 now, and I can't imagine what it was like without him before. Couldn't have gotten me a better dog if I'd drawn up the plans myself.

                And as much as I do not care for cats in the house, I lost the war, and we adopted Gizmo last year. That little imp; saw right through me like cellophane, and knew right away I really do love cats. He has his different meows and yowls, but when he wants me for something, I swear to God he is saying my name when he yowls for me! Others have heard him do it, and agree.

                I can appreciate your love for Bubba, Mitzi, and my heart goes out to you.
                Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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                  "To each his own"


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                    After all the joking about cats in general and Bubba I have almost adopted Bubba as my own. Even from all the way over "the pond" I seem to know Bubba because he is like my own little devil. Hell, Bubba is the officer.com mascot.....
                    I hope all is well Mitzi and I'm thinking of you and the family at this time.
                    I may take the p%$$ out of cats and everything but I am a cat owner and I have lost them and know what it's like.

                    Take care

                    "Never under-estimate the power of thick people in large groups"


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                      Mitzi, I'm really sorry. My family has had to put down 2 kittens, both were SPCA kittens, and it was one of the few things in life that has broken my heart. If things don't turn out the best, you'll move on, and while nothing will replace Bubba, at least you can know that he is not suffering any longer because of course, he'll go where all good kittens and cats go, and of course, that is the Carribean, i mean, kitty heaven!! Best of luck to Bubba today and tonight!!



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                        Oh, you
                        My respect, admiration and gratitude to all those who Protect and Serve. - Citizen


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                          Thanks, everyone. Bubba is hanging on, just barely. But, he is a tough as nails cat and I have faith he will pull through. I went over to see him and he cat even pick his head up. But, he knew who I was as I scrtached his big ole ears and told him to fight. It really isn't good.....his heart is affected now. But, I stayed with him and it gave me some comfort that he knew who I was. I could tell in his big gold eyes he knew me, he just couldn't move to tell me.
                          So, we are still praying! This isn't "just over a cat". He's made us laugh (he's big but a big wuss), he gets into all kinds of trouble and he can be so sweet. We really love him!


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                            Tia, when my 16 year old mutt, Missy, died, I SWORE I would never replace her. It just hurts too bad when they go. I went 3 years without a dog, a long time for me. Then, I went to a friends one day. A friend of hers had just dropped her Yorkie off because her b/f didn't like her. Well, my friend is not an animal person either but took her because he was afraid her friend b/f would hurt her. She was such a sad little dog and knew she had been abandoned. That was 6 years ago and I've head her ever since. I have a male Yorkie that wasn't wanted either.
                            They are happy little things that make us laugh. I just couldn't imagine anyone hurting little dogs like this. They just pile all over me when I sit down, giving me doggie kisses.
                            Then we got the cats and I wondered if I had lost my mind. WHAT MIND? lol
                            Just remember, there is always another animal out there who needs your love and care.


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                              As you know I loved joking about Bubba but I am sorry he is doing bad. I know my cat tigger is asking that Bubba pull through to keep joy in your lives. We all hope that Bubba pulls through so we can all pick on him again. I have raised cats since I was a teen and I can tell you there is no better joy than watching your kitty do some of the things they doo. It is also hard to lose one and even though you get another there is never one like the one you lost. All cats are unique and the joy they bring to us thier owners or as they put it their trained pets. I know how hard it is to be at a loss with out the one you expect to be there asking for a scritch behind the ears.

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