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Do you have a warrant out for me?


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  • Do you have a warrant out for me?

    I was watching a cops show where this woman walked over to this cop in his cruiser. She asked if there were any warrants out for her. He said, "Well, I can check for you. Hold on." Shortly after that, he got out of the car and said, "Well, we sure do." And she said, "Oh, no, how many?" He told her to turn around and arrested her on the spot. He then said, "Now, that wasn't too smart, was it?" LOL
    When I took my Citizen's Academy class, I was waiting in the lobby one night. Some woman called down and the cop that answered the phone told her to quit lying and to stop wasting his time. Then, he slammed the phone down. The phone rang again. He saidd, "Now, you gonna be truthful with me?' He hesitated and yelled, "YOU HAVE TO COME DOWN HERE TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ANY WARRNTS" lol! He slammed the phone down, muttering to himself! lol

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    Happens alot-

    Pulled in my driveway one day for a QUICK lunch break from court and a woman pulled in behind me (bad side to take-home cars.) She got out crying, saying she had just been in an "altercation" (her words) with another female, and the other female said she was going to take a warrant for her for Assault and Trespassing. She asked me if I'd check to see if she had done that (had a warrant issued) in the last 30 minutes (she said she'd been "just driving around" since the incident.) I tried to calm her, and she told "her side" of the story-which in my driveway, off duty, trying to get in and eat, all I heard was "blah, blah, blah, blahblah, blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, blah..." but I did catch her admitting to trespassing and the assault, mind you, but with her thinking she was justified in going over there because she was "just trying to clear things up."

    I told her to just go back home, relax, calm down, and if she had, the SO would come out and serve her later. SHE INSISTED I CHECK RIGHT THEN! I really tried to avoid it since I had only a few minutes for lunch, and the fight, nor my residence was in my jurisdiction, and I truly felt there was no way a warrant could have beed taken so fast, but she kept saying "I have got to know!" Finally told her if I did, and there WAS, she would have to be arrested right then. She said that was fine-she just needed "to know."

    I did, and there was. As SOON as I told her that, she started "Well, I guess I'll just go on home and wait..."

    Needless to say, she was not a happy customer at days end. After I held her there for them, the local PD also towed her car.
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      Posted by SGT Dave:
      She said, "blah, blah, blah, blahblah, blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, blah..."
      Hey, I think that I too have spoken with this same complainant!


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        hahahahaha, good one! I wonder why they don't just put 2+2 together? Cop...a warrent...arrest! lol


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          You know, it does make you wonder. I was watching cops one night where this poor, pitiful dude decided to cut his wrists (in broad daylight) cause this prostitute wouldn't be with him or something. She was trying to help him and he kept professing his love. And this prostitute must have been arrested a zillion time because everyone knew her. Anyway, she finally got in the back of this ambulance while trying to talk to this man. When she left the ambulance, a woman driving by stopped and said, "Hey! I just filed a complaint o her!" lol So, she ended up getting arrested! She had the most confused look on her face! LOL! What a life!


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            Another one...

            (And I know that all veteran officers could tell millions of these, but I really like sharing them with our non-LEO readers-let THEM see how stupid some of the people we deal with are)

            A guy pulls up to our PD one night (several of us standing in the parking lot) and pulls right up to us, remains behind wheel, motor running, jerks up the emergency break, and says "Hey, can I get you guys to check on something?"

            "Sure, if we can."

            "I just came through a license check and the Highway Patrol wrote me a ticket-they tried to say my license is revoked! Will you check on that?"

            And some people wonder why we stay in this profession with the danger, stress, divorce rate, liability, etc.,-THIS IS WHY!!!!

            BTW, of COURSE he got a second citation.
            People have more fun than anybody.


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              The ones that amaze me are the VOP that show up for a hearing on an unrelated matter only to get busted on an outstanding warrant--and the number of times they are either drunk or carrying contraband when they get hooked up in the courtroom.

              Had one last night from a welfare check called in by her brother. She was PI and had 3 outstanding warrants. Blew a 3.0 on the meter and I had to baby-sit her an hour at the hospital before she was able to so to jail.

              Sure by now the DTs are hitting hard by now..based on her actions last night it was hard to even tell she was plastered. ealk stand-up drunk. I'll bet the tox-screen came back positive for substance abuse as well.

              Was she PO'd at her brother....
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                I think here in Fla, if you drive with a revoked license, you get arrested. Not sure. Maybe FLawdog can tell us. But, this is why I'm getting ulcers. Our son had his license revoked because he has epilepsy. He started having seizures again so his dr took his driving away from him. He didn't take it too well. He got mad and jumped in his car and drove to Wal-Mart. He came home, head hanging, saying he was sorry. I told him HE would pay the price for being stopped when driving on a revoked license, not me. (Except for more gray hairs)


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