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A Cops Restaurant


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  • A Cops Restaurant

    We go to an Italian Restaurant that is a favorite of cops. They even have a "Cops Special" (Spaghetti with a butter sauce). This restaurant isn't in a really good section of town but we go there because their food is so good and it seems reletively safe cause half the people there are usually cops.
    We got there early one night and there was just us and another rather rough looking man there. As we ordered and waited for our supper, the restaurant started filling up with people, about half cops, as usual.
    I noticed this man acting kind of funny. He kept getting up and going in the back then coming back out. The owner of the restaurant was a friend of ours and she sat down with us. She whispered that she figured out he has no money and he thought there was a way out in the back, but there wasn't. There was only a way out through the front door and kitchen.
    Well, this guy was sweating bullets.
    Nancy, the owner, finally alerted the cops sitting near the door and it was kind of spread to the other cops quietly. I was having so much fun watching this! LOL!
    Finally, he decided he would just walk out like he had already paid. Only, a motorcycle cop was sitting out there. Two cops got up and followed him when the motorcycle cop confronted him. This skinny little jerk actually tried to run! LOL!
    They tackled him and a couple of the other cops went out there to stand with them. The others watched....and ate! lol!
    He was taken downtown and we all clapped when the cops came back in. It was like eating and watching TV! lol
    Ok, question to go along with this: What is your favorite food? Mine is definitely sphagetti with my own home made marinara sauce.

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    One of mine has to be pork tenderloin marinated in red wine,soy sauce, honey, spicy mustard, ginger, garlic and green onions. I also like to make cheesecake, but I really need to stop making that. I am gaining way too much weight. My all time fav thought has to be Spaghetti with alfredo sauce (I need to stop eating that too).

    "They may have been ugly. They may have been evil. But when it came to poetry-in-motion, the Things had all the grace and coordination of a desk-chair." Terry Pratchett

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      Truly my favorite has to be manicotti, but since I've been living in the south- Fried Shrimp and Gumbo come in at a surprising second.
      Anyone ever heard of Bayou La Batre (yes, the place in Forest Gump)?


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        You've got to be kidding! Favorite food. There is not enough bandwidth. Any seafood and anything that mooed while it was living. I absolutely love fried catfish. I make a mean garlic herb scallops with noodles dish. Any variety of chicken parmagean (sp). Anything that involves bacon. My wife's homemade lasange (It just suddenly occured to me that for a guy that loves to eat, I don't know how to spell many foods) As a side note, they make fun of me at work because I eat like every 2-3 hours. Of course, one can never go wrong with steak and lobster which in Vegas goes for about 8 bucks if you go to the right places. Now see what you did. I'm out o' here and I'm gonna go eat. I got some thawed chicken breast in the fridge and some jamaca jerk
        Shillings on the back of the stove just screaming out my name.

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          Originally posted by BayouSS:
          Truly my favorite has to be manicotti, but since I've been living in the south- Fried Shrimp and Gumbo come in at a surprising second.
          Anyone ever heard of Bayou La Batre (yes, the place in Forest Gump)?
          Yep, one of our officers has family near there. They also own a seafood processing plant, actually in Pascagoula, I believe. He makes a weekly trip there to pick up shrimp, oysters, crab and such and is making a damn killing selling this to other officers (Usually me, I'm one of his best customers)

          I see you're in Mobile. I'm headed down that way at the end of June, I have a beach house for a week in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. Nothing but a week of laying on the beach eating crab, oysters, cracked conch and ice-cold Corona.

          What a tough life...


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            I agree with Desert Rat...there just isn't enough space to list it all. I can't resist trying the chicken fried steak on anybody's menu but I can get into Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and definitely hamburgers and hot dogs. My favorite holiday meal is New Years Day with ham, black-eyed peas, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and green onions washed down by iced tea. I'm meat & potatoes though & not much on vegetables. Dang, lunch is an hour away!


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              Fort Morgan is the best place to do some fishing around Gulf shores. There is a pier there that you can get catfish, flounder or mullet (mmmmmmhhhmm.......mullet) off from.

              Just thought that I would throw that out there, just in case you fish. We usually rent a beachouse near fort morgan in the late fall every year-hopefull I'll be throwing back Coronas and fryin fresh mullet later this year too.


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                Sitting here, reading about these favorite meals...with my wife Pat laying out dinner right now on the table:

                Fry bread.
                Broiled cat fish w/lemon.
                apple fritters.
                sliced cantalope.
                Sweet peas.
                Iced tea.

                Every day is a good day to eat.

                Jim Burnes


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                  Yeah, I go along with DR on this one. Way too much to list. Probably be easier to list what I would NOT consider "favorite food."

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                  6P1 (retired)


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                    Anything Italian. I've had some Cajun style food, but I'm dying to try it straight from the source. Anything on the grill. I went to a Japanese steak house for the first time in my life last month and I loved it! The chef was entertaining and the steak and shrimp was out of this world! As much as I liked that, though, I enjoyed the noodles and vegetables even more.

                    I love cooking as much as I love eating. I'm best on the grill, but I make a mean Sausage and Pepper pasta dish(got the idea from Olive Garden), pulled pork(Carolina Style BBQ)on toasted buns with cole slaw and Tabasco, and chili(gotta have the homemade beer bread to go with it!).

                    My cooking is NOT Adkins' diet friendly!!!

                    "Never try to teach a pig to wastes your time and it annoys the pig."


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                      (& anybody else out in the CA / NV area)
                      You need to kickstart your put & cruise up 395 to Boomtown (outside Reno), where every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they have all-u-can-eat lobster....the record stands at 17 whole lobsters...but it wasn't I!


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                        Hope their food is better than their RV Park. I stayed there a few years ago and they had problems with electricity and sewer. I'll never go back.

                        We didn't try their restaurants however, I would check that out.

                        If you like "fine dining" I recommend the White Rose inside the Oasis.

                        SHOOT LOW SHERIFF, they
                        6P1 (retired)


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                          Originally posted by Jensenfarm:
                          every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they have all-u-can-eat lobster
                          I've been looking for an excuse to make a road trip up that way. That crystal blue water and alpine scenery just wasn't enough. NOW, I'll be enroute next weekend off I pull. Geez, why didn't someone tell me this years ago???????


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                            My favourite food?

                            Everything that contains more than 30% saturated fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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                              If you're going for quantity, lay off the drawn butter.....fills you up faster....urp!
                              As for downtown Reno, last I heard the El Dorado had the best all-around buffet......the Top of Harvey's Wheel in Tahoe on Sundays for brunch.....darn, now I gotta go make a sandwich or I'll never get to sleep!

                              I've never stayed there, or gambled there much either, but the food is outstanding!

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