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    ive been given the assignment of producing a Strategic Plan for school, the assignment is take a problem that cna face a patrol officer or dept and then setup a couse of action for dealing with it using problem solving models such as the PRIME model.

    I decided to do mine on creating a small neighborhood park/playground/basketball court to give neighborhood kids a place to hang out, thus reducing the non criminal calls for service (kids running up and down the road, playing football in the streets, standing around on the corner etc).

    I used my neighborhood as the model becuase its in the suburbs and too far from anything like the mall, etc for the kids to walk to.

    Ive run into an issue however, in my plan alot of the labor and plannign will be done by myself (a fictional police supervisor) the Homeowners association and the Neighborhood watch.

    What holes or advice can you see other than funding?


    For the Purposes of this paper I am taking the role of an Assistant Patrol Supervisor with OKCPD Hefner Division that has been assigned to provide a strategic plan on dealing with the growing number of calls in a certain area regarding to kids playing in the street, noise, vandalism, even some instances of drug use, auto vandalism and minors in possession of alcohol. The purpose of this Strategic plan is to reduce the time my division spends responding to nuisance calls, and continue to grow the Police-Community relationship in the area.

    Problem: In a middle class neighborhood in NW OKC there is an issue with juveniles congregating on the corners of the streets, these are not gang members or delinquents, just pre-teens and teens, there have been many reports of them smoking marijuana, drinking, fights, mild vandalism, public nuisance type activities and even one Accident involving a thirteen year-old that was chasing a basketball and ran out in front of a car. Officers are responding to calls for service in the neighborhood with increasing frequency to deal with non crime related calls for service.

    Resources: As was stated there are other officers from this agency that live in the area, and most of them have kids, they would be willing to volunteer time on or off duty, OKC Beautiful offers assistance along with the parks and Recreation dept, they offer a grant or labor assistance to help with any beautification project, a grant would need to be written and approved in order to fund the project.
    Dolese Concrete Company maintains a smaller concrete plant and yard not far from the neighborhood and is known to donate time and materials for small local projects
    The Neighborhood Watch and Home Owners Association while having put pressure on the police have assured me that they will help us solve the issue in any way they can. Additionally several Citizens who have made the calls have said they would be willing to help in some way if asked.

    Identify: When asked the juveniles make the claim that those without cars are unable to leave the neighborhood for other activities, the neighborhood is far enough NW of the city that there is no walking access to a Mall, park, or other places for them to go. There is a local Middle school in the neighborhood but the gates are locked in the evenings, on the weekends, and during the summer months, stopping access to the basketball courts and sports fields.
    There are several Officers from the same agency that live in the area, that have also expressed concern about the on the kids hanging out, even few incidents of rocks or other things thrown at cars.
    Method: My plan is to take a ¼ acre corner lot in the center of the neighborhood that is not zoned for housing due to large power lines across it and convert it into a small neighborhood park, with a half court basketball goal, benches, gravel walkways, trees and outdoor play area with sandbox and landscaping. The local middle school is where a lot of the neighborhood children go to school and could be brought on board.
    The lot is owned by a private citizen but he has offered to donate it to the city if it is used for this purpose, he is an elderly gentleman who has tired of mowing it.
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