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Update on guy arrested at DNC


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  • Update on guy arrested at DNC

    Article frommthe man arrested at a hotel checking in with a rifle.


    DENVER (AP) - Prosecutors say no charges will be filed against a man who was arrested after causing a weapons scare during the Democratic convention. Joseph Calanchini of Pinedale, Wyo., was arrested on suspicion of unlawfully carrying a weapon on Aug. 23. Police say he had two hunting rifles and two pistols in a case when he tried checking in to the Denver hotel where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was staying.
    Pelosi was evacuated.
    Denver DA's spokeswoman Robin Finegan said Monday police never presented the case to prosecutors. Police did not immediately have additional information.
    Calanchini has said he didn't know about the convention or that Pelosi was at the hotel.
    He said he's relieved the case is closed but police haven't returned his guns or the personal belongings they confiscated from his pickup.
    "It has not been a good experience," Calanchini told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "I know it was poor timing on my part, but I think it was just an overreaction" by police.
    Calanchini, a salesman in the oil field industry, said he's lost some work because of the case. He said he brought the guns to Denver to have them worked on in preparation for a safari to South Africa.
    His arrest didn't ruin his plans. He said he was able to get permission from authorities to make the trip, where he rented a rifle and managed to kill a warthog, an impala, a kudu and a wildebeest.
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    Thanks for the follow-up, I hadn't gotten around to looking for an update yet today. I knew he had a hearing scheduled for today, but it had slipped my mind. It's great to hear he was allowed to make his trip. After seeing that he had an "area restriction" on his court record I didn't think that was going to happen. Now what's it going to take for him to be able to reclaim his property?

    Edit: I just noticed this guy has a comment on the webpage below the article about his case:
    joecal wrote:
    Thank you to Deborah for reporting my story with out any twist. Thank you to everyone for the supportive comments. I had a good attourney, but dont know where to go next. Any advice anyone?
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      I went back and checked the comments on this story again. The guy who was arrested is continuing to post about the difficulties he's having getting his property returned. He's receiving comments and advice from various people in between these comments.

      My biggest things are that I want my property back, and for the DPD to stop dicking me around. First I never recieved a citation stating what I was arrested for, my truck was impounded and searched, I never received a reciept for my belongings that were removed, a hold was put on my truck creating extreeme hard ship on getting back to Wyoming. Now that the case is closed I can't get anything back due to orders having to be sent to investigating officers that dont return phone calls? There was some items in my truck that were worth a pretty penny, and also the sentimental value on some of it makes the stuff irreplacable. I just want to get this over with and get my property back.

      The feds detained me at the hotel and the interview with them was done there and I was cleared there. After that DPD took me into custody,impounded my truck and took out my belongings. There was no reciept given for any of my property that was taken by the DPD. The feds made it clear why they were holding me, but the locals did not. When I was booked into Denver city jail the booking sheet said one charge when my bond paperwork said another. The charges were all on a local matter, not federal. I never said I was falsely arrested, but this matter has gotten out of control. I know that there are certain steps that must be taken legaly when contact is made with a person by law enforcement, and it seems that a few steps were missed, and some issues were taken to the extreeme. $10,000.00 bond set, when I find out later that if I had asked before the hearing it would have been $750.00? The DPD not giving a reciept of what they took out of my truck and have not returned? These are some of the things that I am wondering about.
      9/16/2008 11:32 AM PDT on 9news.com

      I did hire an attorney, and he is staying on top of getting my stuff back. How often is there search and siezure of someones property from their vehicle with no record showing what was removed? I would think this is done to protect the dept/officer from someone coming back and saying that they had items that are high dollar that were not actually there. The brand new bottle of cologne and carton of cigarettes that are missing from my bag that I did get back I'm not terribly concerned about. I received no reciept on the items that did not go to jail with me that I got back when I was bonded out. How often is someones license "lost"? It was taken so they had my ID and info, and no one seems to know where it is. When you don't receive a citation how are you suppossed to know who the arresting officer is so you can contact them about your belongings that are missing? I've never been arrested before, so I have no idea on these matters.
      9/16/2008 12:15 PM PDT on 9news.com

      The DPD is now saying that they do not know where my personal property out of my truck is. The officer that was in charge of the impound and search/siezure of my truck said he does not have my stuff and to stop calling him. This has gotten out of control!!!! Shows me how professional the Denver Police Department is. At least someone acknowledge that they have my fire arms, and sent the paperwork asking for a court order to release them back to me, once they run another background check and see if they want to. I can not believe where this has gone. My license is still missing and so are my gas credit cards.
      9/18/2008 3:39 PM PDT on 9news.com


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        Denver DA's spokeswoman Robin Finegan said Monday police never presented the case to prosecutors. Police did not immediately have additional information.
        What does this mean? Isn't the case presented to prosecutors when an officer arrests someone and transports the person to jail.
        Sounds like the unlawfully carrying a weapon charge wouldn't include transporting cased guns into your hotel room, common sense. Isn't Colorado some big hunting state where people often travel there for that purpose anyway.
        I know he's not going to get a receipt for an inventoried vehicle sent to the impound lot, but if the officer is going to take the step to arrest somebody, he needs to own it and not tell a decent citizen I don't know, stop calling me, especially when the charges are bogus. The stuff was probably stolen out of the vehicle by some greasy impound lot employee.
        I don't know why the guy says he not saying that he was falsely arrested, but this is one of the rare occassions that I'd agree that a lawsuit should be filed.
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