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Residents catch crook with 41 felony priors


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  • Residents catch crook with 41 felony priors

    First off, this guy obviously picked the wrong house to rob. Second, what's he doing out on the streets with 41 felony priors?!?

    Police: Family Catches Crook with Make-Shift Handcuffs
    By KSPR News

    Story Created: Sep 11, 2008

    Story Updated: Sep 12, 2008

    A Springfield father came home early in the morning to find his five kids a sleep and a burglar standing in his kitchen.

    Police say the family took action and caught a would-be crook.

    Officers say the Joy family brought a little pain to Rickie Sledge.

    They say Sledge broke into the Joy home early Wednesday morning.

    Police say Sledge didn't get away with anything thanks to the very resourceful family of seven.

    Brantley Joy had just dropped off his wife at work around 6:30 a.m.

    When he walked into his kitchen, he says he saw Sledge standing by the back door.

    Brantley Joy says, "He was looking at me all surprised and he just bolted and I went after him."

    Brantley Joy tackled the suspect through a closet all the way to the ground.

    He says the quick criminal still managed to slip away.

    The father then tried to tackle Sledge again in his neighbor’s yard.

    "I hollered for my sons.” Brantley Joy said, “I yelled he robbed us, catch him.”

    All three of Brantley’s sons chased Sledge across the street and tackled him to the ground.

    The oldest son Brantley Dean Joy says waking up and taking action is nothing new for him.

    "It’s not a big change because I'm fresh out of boot camp." Brantley Dean Joy said, “All three of us grabbed him and put his hands behind his back.”

    The marine and his two other brothers used zip-ties to create make-shift handcuffs.

    “We are in heating and cooling.” Brantley Joy said, "We just used the zip-ties to cinch down on his arms and feet.”

    The family says the suspect changed his mind about stealing $300.

    Brantley Joy said, "He said ‘here you can have it back’ after I tackled him."

    The family says they’re sure Sledge would have escaped if they hadn't put up a fight.

    They're unsure if they had time to think about their actions, if they would have done the same thing.

    "I could have been shot or any number of things could have happened.” Brantley Joy said, “That money would not have been worth one of my kids getting hurt."

    Police say the fearsome foursome did catch a career criminal with more than 41 felony convictions.

    Brantley Joy says, "I think it tells criminals don't come in people's houses.”

    Sledge has seven burglary charges pending in three different cases.

    As of Wednesday he has one more first degree felony charge in Greene County.

    Police say every citizen certainly has the right to take action to defend themselves and their home.

    Officers say before anyone decides to engage a suspect they should keep in mind the possible outcomes.

    They say each individual should decide for themselves how they will react.

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