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  • Police Officers Death & Disability Act

    Police Officers Death & Disability Act


    Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters,
    My name is Jim Bragg and I am a retired/disabled Police Officer. Thanks to the Internet I have had the honor of speaking with many Police Officers who like myself were injuried in the line of duty and retired, without medical insurance! We can't get any because of our disabling injuries and our medical bills, as well as those of our family keep rising putting us deeper and deeper in debt. I discovered that I am not the only one, I am actually the norm! Because of this I wrote the following Act and I have been trying to get POB's, FOP's, and other officers to spread the word and try and get their Congressmen to introduce this Act into Law. Please take time to copy it and either mail or FAX it to all your Congressmen and associations and friends urging them to pass this law so that we may be protected. It is a bit too late to help me but what about you? What about the young Officer who has been on the force for a couple of years with a wife and a couple of kids who gets hurt? What will happen to him, or you? Think about it and please join in. If you have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected]


    “Police Officers Death and Disability Act”

    As Americans of the United States, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are a supportive nation; one that stands strong and fights for freedom in our country. When we hear this we immediately think of those in the military, rightly so. However, there is another group of men and women that face the same adversity and immediate danger everyday that go unnoticed. The police officers, the men and women in blue, that serve and protect us civilians 24/7. These individuals do their jobs just as honorably as those in the military, but yet, are not given the same respect or viewed on equal grounds as to those who are actively serving in either the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Why? Some of these same individuals did serve their country and then chose a life style that is parallel to the military in many respects, but are not entitled to the same benefits should he/she become injured to the capacity of no longer being able to perform their job or worse killed in the line of duty. Who protects those that protect us? What happens to these individuals that are taken down in the prime of their lives and leave a family behind or have a whole new other lifestyle to adjust to? One of continuous physical pain, mental anguish, and the memory of what was at one time, what life used to be like prior to “that day.”

    It is out of respect and gratitude to those individuals that risked their lives and lost theirs while performing their job as they were trained, to serve and protect. Two little words, (serve, protect) that have such a powerful message and sometimes tragic consequence is the result. Who knew that those two words (serve, protect) came with just as much of a high price as freedom does?

    Therefore, a proposal supporting these men and women is being put into place, called the, “Police Officers Death and Disability Act.” This federally funded act would provide protection to those who did the protecting and can no longer actively serve in that role. Through this proposal would enable these police officers to have their medical bills paid for by the government and that their families’ medical expenses are covered as well. We, as a nation, do this for our Veterans, why not police officers who have provided the same service, but only right next to us, not overseas, not 3 states away or on a gulf coast somewhere, but as local/state police officers that patrol our street/city at night while we are sleeping and during the day when we are at work. These men and women are protecting us, where ever we may be and our neighborhoods while we are not there. In this line of duty, these men and women work 24/7 for us civilians, to protect us and our families. By having this act supported, this would be the greatest, “thank you” to give back to these police officers at the local and state levels and provide us civilians the opportunity to turn around and protect those that did the protecting.

    The following provisions will apply to the “Police Officers Death and Disability Act:”

    If a Law Enforcement Officer should become injured in the line of duty to the extent that they are no longer able to perform their duties as a Law Enforcement Officer and must retire due to disability, then the Officer shall be determined to fall under this act. Disabled/retired Officers will become eligible for 100% paid medical coverage at the date of retirement paid for by the Federal Government under this bill. The Officer, spouse and children 18 years of age and under, or those who are 21 years of age and under if they remain a full-time student will also be covered under this provision. Those covered under this Bill shall be issued a medical identification card at no cost and it will serve as an insurance card accepted by all licensed medical practitioners and facilities and all charges are to be paid by the United States Government. (This bill shall also include 100% costs of medical prescriptions; such as medication, equipment or any other means that are necessary to aid in the officers’ recovery due to the injury the officer has sustained.)

    If a Law Enforcement Officer should become disabled in the line of duty, this bill shall also provide the officer with a monthly pension supplement payment of $1,000 for the disabled officer until his/her death. If the officer should be killed in the Line of Duty then, his/her widow shall also receive said benefit for 1 year or until remarried.

    If the police officer should be killed in the LOD, the surviving spouse and children under the age of 18 or 21 if the child is in school will continue their medical coverage 100%. After 1 year, from said date, the medical coverage for the surviving spouse would terminate, however the children would remain covered fully 100% until the ages of 18 or 21, if the child is in school.

    Should the surviving spouse remarry before the 1 year said date, coverage for the spouse is terminated immediately upon remarrying. However, the children would maintain 100% medical coverage until the ages of 18 or 21 are reached if the child or children are still in school.

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