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Officer Frank White S.D.P.D. In need of Help


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  • Officer Frank White S.D.P.D. In need of Help

    Hey guys & Gals as an LEO this hit home a little close....well 1 mile close to be exact. This incident happened in Oceanside, Ca involiving a San Diego Police Officer and his wife. This is the warrant report below. Read the introduction and it will tell you a quick detail of what happened although the whole report is also there to tell you the details.
    Basically Officer White is being called the "aggressor" and is being charged with unlawful discharge of his weapon" and a few other charges which are sentencing him to 6 years in prison. Everyone I know thinks this is ridiculous especially after reading this report... and I beleive he did what any of you would have done especially when his wife was in the vehicle. I would also like to state that my mother who is an apartment manager in Vista, ca ( the next city over) rented an apartment to "Rachel Silva" the aggressive driver in this incident. She was a problem child you may say...my mother would always calls me over because she was always having problems with "Rachel" such as beating the living **** out of her bf or finding bags on her property with paraphernalia. ( Yes I did tell her to report it to the SOs not to me for those of you who will say something about that)

    Anyways the reason for me posting this is this website http://www.thetruthaboutfrank.com/
    On there it gives you the police report and a lot of info about the incident and what you can do to help the family out such as just writing a letter of encouragement or letter to help fight the case. You can also make a donation to the family since officer white is out of work due to the investigation and its been a awhile now.

    Everyone on here is entitled to their own opinions and this is not posted here to "Spam" and get anyone to feel like they should help. However, If there is one person on this forum that may feel for this officer and his family you as one person can do something to help out. I am not affiliated to this family at all. As I stated above it just hit close to hom for me and being a leo makes me feel for this officer.


    This investigation involves the suspect, Rachel Leann Silva, driving a motor vehicle with her eight year old son as a passenger, in an erratic and aggressive manner, while under the influence of alcohol, and while her driver’s license was suspended. After nearly causing a collision with another motor vehicle, Silva followed the vehicle in an aggressive manner which included tailgating the vehicle, revving her engine, blocking the vehicle’s path and striking the vehicle with her vehicle. Silva escalated the situation to the point where the driver of the other vehicle, an off-duty police officer, reportedly feared for his safety and fired five rounds into Silva’s vehicle striking her son in the leg and her twice in the arm.

    According to California Department of Motor Vehicles DMV records, on January 15, 2008, Rachel Silva’s California Driver’s License was suspended due to Excessive Blood Alcohol Level as a result of her December 15, 2007 arrest and subsequent guilty plea on January 19, 2008 in violation of 23152, subdivision (b), of the VEHICLE CODE Driving While Having a 0.08% or Higher Blood Alcohol, a misdemeanor.
    On March 15, 2008, at approximately 2000 hours, Rachel Leann Silva had picked up her son, Johnny Silva, from a “play date” at 1990 Apple Street, Apartment #75, Oceanside, California. She was driving a four-door 1991 silver Honda Accord with California license plate number 5GOZ275. The Accord has tinted windows on both rear passenger windows and the rear window. There is a lighter tint on the front passenger and driver windows.
    According to California DMV records, the Accord is registered to Rachel L. Silva, 137 Avenida Las Brisas, Oceanside, California.
    According to evidence seized by OPD Detectives, on March 15, 2008 at approximately 2107 hours, Rachel Silva drove through the McDonald’s restaurant located at 185 Old Grove Road, Oceanside. After exiting the drive-through at approximately 2110 hours, she drove east-bound through the parking lot.
    Witness, Priscella Betherum, had just turned from State Route (SR) 76 onto southbound Old Grove. Old Grove has two (2) lanes. After making the turn, Betherum drove southbound in the number two (2) lane of Old Grove. As Betherum continued southbound on Old Grove she saw Silva’s Accord “rolling” eastbound down the driveway of the Shell station and into southbound traffic lanes of Old Grove. Betherum was concerned because the Accord made no attempt to stop. Betherum was able to get by the oncoming Accord without being struck.
    Off-duty San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Officer Frank White was driving southbound on Old Grove in the number two lane behind Betherum in a black 2006 Mercury Milan. Frank White’s spouse, Jacquellyn White, was the front passenger in the Milan. The Accord continued eastbound out of the parking lot and into the number two (2) lane, failing to yield the right of way to Frank White. Betherum saw the Milan in her driver’s side rear view mirror swerve abruptly from the number two lane into the number one lane to avoid being struck by the Accord. The Milan then drove back into the number two lane and continued southbound on Old Grove.
    Frank White drove to the intersection of Old Grove and Avenida Soledad when he saw the Accord exit the driveway and drive southbound on Old Grove. Frank White saw the Accord drive into the left hand turn lane as he made a right hand turn into the Old Grove Market Place. After White made the turn into the shopping center, he saw the Accord drive westbound crossing all three (3) southbound lanes of traffic and follow him into the parking lot. Betherum also saw the Accord follow the Milan into the parking lot and proceed to “tailgate” the Milan. It should be noted that Rachel Silva’s reported address is 137 Avenida Las Brisas, Apartment A, Oceanside, California. It appears that Silva was driving home from the Mc Donald’s restaurant. If she would have continued with the left turn onto Avenida Soledad and then made the very next right onto Avenida Las Brisas, she would have arrived home. As Frank White continued to drive westbound through the parking lot, he saw the Accord accelerating and braking to the rear of his Milan approximately four (4) to five (5) times. The Accord’s engine was revving as it tailgated his Milan. He described Silva’s driving as erratic. White could not see the driver (Silva) and believed the driver had long hair with a light complexion. Jacquellyn White described Silva’s driving as aggressive because Silva was revving the Accord’s engine and following the Milan so close that Jacquellyn White could not see the headlights of the Accord. Frank White told Jacquellyn White to dial “911" which frightened her because he had never asked her to do so before. (Wife is a Dispatcher and knows 911 is only for emergencies) Frank White continued to drive westbound through the lot until he came to a “T” intersection in front of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store (155 Old Grove Road). Frank White made a right hand turn, and then another immediate right turn, driving eastbound through the lot. As Frank White continued driving eastbound through the lot, he stopped the Milan with the hope that the Accord would continue driving or stop and yell at him, and then continue to drive away. Once White stopped, the Accord drove past the Milan and stopped.
    Witness Betherum saw the Milan stop. She saw the Accord drive in front of the Milan and stop, blocking the Milan’s path forward.
    The Accord reversed direction, passed the Milan and stopped. The Accord drove forward, paralleling the Milan. Frank White stated that he was unable to exit the Milan because the Accord was so close.
    Frank White was armed with a five (5) shot Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver. As the Accord stopped parallel to the Milan, Frank White stated that he removed his firearm from its holster located on the front of his pants and pointed it at Rachel Silva stating, “Police, you need to stop! Police, stop!” When she did not react to the gun pointed at her, White reversed the Milan in order to exit the Milan and obtain the license plate of the Accord.
    After becoming aware that White’s gun was pointed at her, Silva dialed “911" and reported “There’s a guy who’s pointing a gun at me.”
    As Frank White began to open the driver’s side door, he saw Rachel Silva reverse the Accord at an angle, and strike the Milan, their respective cars’ side view mirrors came into contact. The Accord continued in reverse and the right front side of the Accord struck the left rear side of the Milan. Frank White stated that he feared his life was in danger and he shot one (1) round through his closed front driver’s side window. It appears this round went through the left or passenger side front window of the Accord and struck Johnny Silva in the leg. As the Accord continued to reverse, Frank White shot four more rounds, each entering the front windshield of the Accord. Two of the bullets struck Rachel Silva in the right arm.
    While Rachel Silva was on the telephone with OPD dispatch, several gunshots were heard as well as Silva stating, “I’ve been shot at.” When the dispatcher asked Silva who had shot at her, she replied “Some guy, a policeman.”
    OPD officers arrived almost immediately after the shooting and began rendering first aid to Rachel and Johnny Silva. Johnny Silva was in the front passenger seat of the Accord and Rachel Silva was in the driver’s seat.
    Rachel and Johnny Silva were provided with medical treatment and transported by Mercy Air. Johnny Silva suffered a gunshot wound to the inside of his left leg and was transported to Children’s Hospital. Rachel Silva suffered two (2) gunshot wounds to her right arm and was transported to Sharp Memorial Hospital.
    A blood technician from American Forensic Nurse obtained a blood sample from Silva at approximately 2326 hours. The collision of the cars occurred at approximately 2114 hours.
    On April 1, 2008, OPD Detectives received the blood alcohol results from the San Diego Sheriff Lab which revealed Silva to have a blood alcohol level of .15. If Silva had undergone testing at the time of the incident the levels of alcohol in her system would have revealed a higher concentration.
    In her purse at the time of her driving, Silva had a baggie containing a green leafy substance, consistent in appearance with, and believed to be marijuana.

    Based on the information detailed above, I believe that Rachel Silva’s driving and actions on March 15, 2008, willfully put her son, Johnny Silva, under circumstances likely to produce great bodily injury or death, in a situation where his health was so endangered and, in fact, he was actually injured. Silva was also driving while under the influence of alcohol, with a blood alcohol level of at least .15. Silva was also driving while her driver’s license had been suspended due to a previous conviction for 23152, subdivision (b), of the VEHICLE CODE Driving While Having a 0.08% or Higher Blood Alcohol.
    I, Stephen Duncan, the affiant, hereby pray for the issuance of a felony arrest warrant for the arrest of Rachel Leann Silva, good cause being shown therefore, for the crimes of Child Endangerment, in violation of SECTION 273a, subdivision (a), of the PENAL CODE, a felony; the crime of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, in violation of SECTION 23152, subdivision (a), of the VEHICLE CODE, a Misdemeanor; Driving While Having a 0.08% or
    Higher Blood Alcohol, in violation of SECTION 23152, subdivision (b), of the VEHICLE
    CODE, a misdemeanor; Driving with Privilege Suspended for Prior DUI, in violation of
    SECTION 14601.2, subdivision (a), of the VEHICLE CODE, a misdemeanor; Driving when
    Privilege Suspended or Revoked, in violation of SECTION 14601.1, subdivision (a), of the
    VEHICLE CODE, a misdemeanor, and Driving While in Possession of Marijuana, in violation
    of Vehicle Code section 23222, sub. (b), a misdemeanor.

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    This is a large bump I know, but I have a MAJOR update to this case. As of June 22 of 2009. Officer Frank White has been acquitted and found Not Guilty.


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      Originally posted by exodus View Post
      This is a large bump I know, but I have a MAJOR update to this case. As of June 22 of 2009. Officer Frank White has been acquitted and found Not Guilty.
      Thanks for the update but there is also a whole new thread on him being found not guilty.


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        Originally posted by Spoken View Post
        Thanks for the update but there is also a whole new thread on him being found not guilty.
        And that is what happen when you work an overnight 12 and come to post on here!


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          No problem. Glad it worked out for him..... any word on his status? Is he trying to get his employment or certification back?


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            good deal

            lots of problem kids like to cry foul when they actually get popped..
            In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete drawn only to be washed away, for the time that I've been given, I am what I am. I'd rather you hate me for everything I am, Than have you love me for being something that Im not


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