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    This article was printed in the Australian Police Journal, June 2001, Vol. 55, No.2

    Cocain crazed thieves tried to snort a bag of powder they found in an English housewife's living room, not realising it was the ashes of her dead dog.

    The burgulars thought they had hit the jackpot when they saw the powder marked "Charlie" slang for cocaine, in a dirty ceramic pot on pet lover Dee Blyth's mantlepiece according to a report from London's 'The Sun' newspaper.

    But they were unaware the pot was an urn and the 'drugs' were the remains of beloved Newfoundland Charlie who died in 1997.

    A police officer called to investigate the break in at Chadwell Heath near the Essex town of Barking, fell about laughing when he saw the burglars had arranged the ashes in cocaine style lines.

    And Ms Blyth, 50, said "It was horrible knowing they were in my house but the idea of them trying to get high on a dead dog certainly made me feel a bit better".

    Police were tracking the culprits using DNA samples from the bag of Charlie's ashes in the hope of recovering two TV's a video recorder, a hi-fi and jewellery.

    From....Sunday Herald Sun Melbourne Victoria on 15/10/00

    We are the Police! Resistance is Futile!
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    I read of a gas thief that tried to siphon gass from an RV. Problem was, he was hooked up to the PortaPotty! LOL!


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      LMAO, serves them right!

      "Have a line of charlie...." HeHeee
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