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  • TASER AXON Protect Truth

    i think this is pretty cool and can be a big asset to any department and officer.

    The TASER AXON (Autonomous eXtended On-Officer Network) is a tactical networkable computer that combines advanced audio-video record/capture capabilities with tactical communications, and is designed to be worn by first responders such as law enforcement and corrections officers, soldiers, and private security. The state of the art audio-video earpiece with imager, speaker and microphone integrates into the communications loop between existing radios and the communications headset, recording video of critical incidents from the visual perspective of the officer.
    link to website: http://www.taser.com/pages/default.aspx

    link to video: http://www.taser.com/pages/VideoDetails.aspx?videoid=77
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    Wow...The video was awesome! I want that song!

    As far as the product, seems like it would be a good asset for a department. I’m sure that some problems and complications will arise from it in some way, but looks like it has a chance of being the next big thing.
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      i dont think im ready to have a camera on my person just yet. it would be good for SWAT calls though.
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        Originally posted by Narco944 View Post
        i dont think im ready to have a camera on my person just yet. it would be good for SWAT calls though.
        I agree. Only if I knew that I could turn it of or take it off. Restroom. Or, heck ...... I just want "down time." How many jobs are there that are 100% under camera and mike?
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          Personally, I think it is a bad idea. Now don't get me wrong, I would rather have a camera than not, because they have saved me more often than I can count. However, if it is hooked around one ear, and not on both sides of the head, how can it see everything that I see. I see things in my peripheral vision that there is no way that a camera on the opposite side of my head can see. I think that eventuall it will happen, and that is fine, but, and that is a big but, if we are going to have cameras on our persons at all time, then they need to be able to see everywhere we can, otherwise they are just another thing that the defense attorney can pick apart.


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