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Previous Criminal Justice Experience?


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  • Previous Criminal Justice Experience?

    For all the officers out there or people very familiar with the Criminal Justice System, have you found that most fed, state, loc etc. police officers have had some sort of experience or education in criminal justice; or have they come from completely different education areas and careers? This question is meant as to be answered as to what seems to be most common. Thanks again and be safe!

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    "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm" -George Orwell

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      ...around here when asked for my opinion of how someone should enter the career I always tell them to get a degree in something completely different that Criminal Justice. In the event you get hurt or just burnt out and don't like the career anymore then you have something to fall back on. With a CJ Education, you're options are pretty much limted. You can be a cop with any degree so why limit yourself? You'll be taught what you need to know about Law Enforcement in the academy and more so in FTO and you first few years on the streets.


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        Another vote for "yes!" My understanding of criminal law, the Penal Code and search and seizure issues in particular was greatly enhanced by attending Administration of Justice classes in college. There was no comparison between the depth the subject matter that was covered there vs attending a basic academy. My abilities to make decisions based upon a thorough understanding of the legal process was greatly enhanced and helped me avoid many of the pitfalls other officers encountered. They also enabled me to be a more knowledgeable supervisor and to better educate and protect the officers I supervised.

        If I got injured on the job and had to retire, reeducation is covered under our worker's compensation laws. If I was really worried about getting "burned out" on the job, I probably wouldn't get into this profession in the first place. If I decided this job wasn't for me, then it's my responsibility to become educated in another field to help me in a new career.
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          I have a bachelors in telecommunications, which is great if I wanted to join the FBI or DEA.
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            My agency requires that new hires have at least 18 of their 60 units in a related field. I too think it made me better for pursuing the ADJu major.


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