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mass murderer suspect deported !!


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  • mass murderer suspect deported !!

    I remember when this happened. There were young children in that event. KIDS. It was sickening.

    Suspect In Decade-Old Mexico Massacre Arrested

    Watch Video Last Updated:
    08-25-08 at 1:11PM

    The man believed responsible for a massacre of 19 men woman and children in a Baja California drug battle 10 years ago was arrested while taking out his garbage at a house east of Los Angeles, officials said today.

    Jesus Ruben Moncada was taken into custody Thursday night outside a small house in the L.A. suburb of East Los Angeles, and was handed over to 500 Mexican federal government agents massed at the Tijuana crossing Friday, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced.

    The outstanding accused felon was known as a high-ranking member of the Felix Arellano gang known as"El Guerro Loco" -- the Crazy Warrior -- along the border, according to Mexican news accounts.

    The alleged fugitive was a suspect of such great security concerns that Baja California and federal judiciary police cleared the Tijuana border crossing of the ubiquitous vendors and taxidrivers, the Los Angeles Times reported. DeMore told the paper that Moncada thought he was being deported for being in the U.S. illegally and did not know he was going to be met with a high-
    security arrest for murder.

    The Mexico City newspaper La Jornada said Moncada is being held under tight security in the "Hongo" federal prison outside Tijuana.

    Moncada, 33, was surprised Thursday night outside a house at 945 Woods Ave., ICE officials said. He offered no resistance and told U.S. immigration police he had crossed into the U.S. through the San Ysidro-Tijuana crossing nearly 10 years ago, just after the bloodbath near Ensenada.

    He faces first-degree murder, attempted murder and kidnapping charges in Mexico for the execution-style slaying of 19 people at a ranch outside Ensenada, allegedly part of a drug turf war. He allegedly led members of the Felix Arellano gang, seeking a rival smuggler, as they raided a compound at a ranch and led 19 children, women and men outside.

    The people were slain execution-style.

    Moncada's arrest and transfer to Mexican federal officials was hailed as "a major breakthrough for Mexican law enforcement" by Fernando Castillo, a spokesman for federal prosecutors in Mexico City. In a statement distributed by U.S. agents in Los Angeles, Castillo said the arrest "is a direct result of of the ongoing cooperative efforts involving our office and law enforcement
    agencies in the United States."

    The Los Angeles ICE field office chief inspector said 75 serious criminals from foreign nations have been captured in Southern California and extradited for justice in their home courts.

    "This man is supected of being involved in one of the most-heinous mass killing in recent times," said Brian M. DeMore, the chief inspector.

    "Our goal is not only to see justice served, but to protect law-abiding citizens on both sides of the border from this type of senseless violence."
    Good riddance to bad rubbish. One for the good guys.

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    The guy's lived here for the last ten years under his real name, illegally. How many prior opportunities have we had to deport him and didn't? This should have been done years ago.
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      The question now is, will he really be punished in mexico?


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        Originally posted by CityCopDC View Post
        The question now is, will he really be punished in mexico?
        Yeah, I think he will. This was a pretty horrific massacre, one of the victims was only 1 year old, and with the level of current violence, Mexicans are pretty fed up.

        I heard them put out a county-wide on the escort....wild to find out who the suspect was.
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