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Online Criminal Justice degree?


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  • Online Criminal Justice degree?

    Considering this is a community of professionals, I'm looking for a degree to give me a leg up in this profession. Just looking for credible schools, doesn't have to be the best. I just don't want anything dubious.

    What do you guys recommend? Who do I need to stay away from?

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    I'm working on a Social Psych bachelors and a CJ Masters degree currently both are mostly online since I dont have the time anymore to drive three hours round trip or pay for the gas ....

    Im going through local reputable universities that offer the programs mostly (if not all) online..... that might be an option for you because a LOT of universities offer the CJ program totally online I've found.

    Just a note, the online classes can be a real pain in the butt since you dont have the ability to ask the teacher questions outside of email . . . . just allow time for A LOT of reading and online 'discussions'

    If you dont want to do that, Ive heard that Capella is a good online university....but make sure theyre not going to make you go there .... with their PhD degree that I looked at they were going to make me be at their location 2 weeks each year.

    Then there's University of Phoenix online which I've been told is okay.
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      Check out University of Maryland University College

      Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, and Public Safety
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        use the search feature. there are more than a few threads like this one already, and you will find more answers there, I think, than people will be willing to post again.

        I got my masters online at Boston University, btw. I recommend it.


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          One thing to consider is accreditation. If the agencies you are interested in working for offer incentive pay or require degrees for employment, you might check what their requirements are.

          Some employers want regional accreditation, which is the most recognized throughout the nation. Most state universities and colleges will have regional accreditation.

          Some employers might require the school to be accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. You can check their web site for a list.

          Some agencies don't really care and figure ANY education from ANY school is desirable.

          The reason this is important is that you would probably hate to spend both time and money on something that the agency you end up with does not even recognize.
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            A search will turn up many threads on this topic. Boston Univ, Univ of Cinci, Bowling Green and Tiffin are some good regionally accredited schools that offer on-line degrees.


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              Athabasca University is Good to that is where I am currently enrolled in an Accounting Program very reputable.


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