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Choking dog dies on traffic stop


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  • Choking dog dies on traffic stop

    How would you have handled it?

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    Originally posted by iMarkVideo View Post
    Ewww... The officer imo was right in the way he handled the situation. HOWEVER, he could have been more compassionate in reference to the mans dog. That doesnt excuse the man for endangering everyone else by driving over 100mph. Once I confirmed his identity and was sure he wasnt up to any trickery, I more than likely would have asked for permission to escort the man to the nearest vet. And no, Im not a dog lover...


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      I had one of my dogs have a seizure and die on my kitchen floor right in front of my wife and I. Guess what? I got another dog. To speed down the freeway hysterical puts other drivers at risk and is stupid. He should have made attempts to dislodge whatever the dog was choking on before he had a hissy fit. Chances are they gave the dog the object he was choking on.
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        Originally posted by iMarkVideo View Post
        How would you have handled it?

        Can't let an animal suffer.


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          1 - The guy was definitely overreacting
          2 - It is better off that the dog dies than have to live any longer with that guy!
          3 - This cop should have escorted the guy to the vet hospital, THEN got with the formalities. The man was no threat and imo aiding the man is PUBLIC SERVICE.

          Sure it's "just another dog", but being a dog-lover I clearly understand how attached one gets to a dog, especially if your dog is cool as s***, like mine is. So, while the frantic sissy man does not have the lights and authority to escort himself to a vet, the least this cop could have done was just show some human courtesy. After all the man wasn't speeding down the FREEWAY just to be reckless like some punk teenager. His intent was to save his dog, I don't blame him ... if he was a cop, the other cop would have let it go and escorted him.

          There's my 2 cents.
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            Originally posted by jb5722
            I had two very agitated guys drive up behind me and come to a sliding stop while i was on a traffic stop late one night, a short time later they explained to me their reason was because their cat had just been run over. my response was to ask if they'd like me to shoot it for them. Did not go over too well with my Chief.
            Ouch! Lol ... yeah, we can all laugh about that one now, because come on, it was a cat ...
            Stupid cats!

            "Uh huh, I see. Well sir, there is a Chinese restaurant just up the street here. I'm sure they'd be interested in buying that cat from you?"
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              A cat? He's getting cited for the Reckless AND Eluding. 40cal round is comped upon request.

              A dog? He possibly get's an escort to a vet and a lecture. Dude was definately a "sissy boy" but I'm a dog lover and I would freak a bit if either of mine where choking to death. Driving aimlessly at over 100mph wouldn't be part of the freak process however. I'd do what I could to save it myself. Got the 24 hour emergency vet's number posted on the fridge (note to self; enter it on cell phone). Call them for guidance if need be. No sense jamming dog in a car and wasting the time to get there anyway.

              Officer could have used a little better bedside manner once the kid (and he was just a dumb kid) calmed down and the situation was confirmed as safe. Still, the way kid was driving was endangering humans and the more direct approach seemed to be somewhat effective. The "It's only a dog, you can get another one" comment was a bit harsh.

              "Real sorry about your hard five copies" would have been sufficient.
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                Let's re-write what happened with a couple different words.

                "A Texas man was stopped by a police officer after recklessly driving over a hundred miles an hour, weaving through traffic with a cell phone in hand putting innocent citizens lives in danger. A police officer stopped the reckless driver for his actions. After stopping the individual who was endangering the public, he came out of his vehicle, screaming and shouting making the officer nervous.

                The officer spent several seconds of time to make sure that the frantic attitude of the individual was not a ploy to injure or kill the officer.

                It turns out the individual's decision to put innocent lives in danger all was for a dog who was choking on an object."

                There we go, a little twist of words to the REAL TRUTH and it's not that bad anymore, eh?

                This officer may have seen lives taken away because of speeding, and the negligence this individual showed could have really ticked the officer off, because I'm sure any normal human being would think a human life is MUCH more important than a dog's life.

                I don't have an LE experience, but listening to everything he said in the end the officer was VERY professional, courteous and thoughtful of the public to protect and serve every human being.
                Last edited by Sarkis; 08-19-2008, 04:27 PM.


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                  Speeding is not the crime of the century ... negligent, yes definitely.

                  And of course a human life far exceeds that of an innocent dog ...
                  (Yet some dog's lives are worth more than some human's imo ... Bin Laden comes to mind.)

                  I think after the understandable initial hesitation of this officer, he could have escorted bucko to a vet ... Yeah the guy came out screaming like my little brother, but it wasn't long before the officer was aware of the man's (term used loosely) situation.

                  Man - "OMFG [email protected][email protected]%#$ fmsfim0jt345=35 !!!!!"
                  Cop - "WTF?!"
                  Man - "@#$%U*S% DOG @#@$# !!!!!"
                  There is nothing to see here.


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                    Wow.. honestly this isn't the responses I'd expect out of cops.


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                      [San Marcos, TX] [Hays County news] [politics] [sports] [news] [photos] [classifieds] [Texas State]

                      Dog story makes ABC morning show

                      By Anita Miller

                      San Marcos — The story of a local couple who say their dog died while they waited for San Marcos Police to write a speeding ticket has been shared nation and worldwide.

                      Michael Gonzales and Krystal Hernandez say their teacup poodle Missy died in between the time Officer Paul Stephens pulled them over on IH-35 earlier this month and when he allowed them to leave the scene.


                      Gonzales charged, and Stephen’s in-car video camera confirmed, that Stephens commented it was “just a dog,” and that the couple could “buy another one.”


                      Stephens received a reprimand and is undergoing counseling. Police Chief Howard Williams said Stephens’ conduct was inappropriate, but called it a “rookie’s mistake.”

                      Gonzales' speeding ticket was dismissed.


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                        I would have kept his license, followed them to the clinic and asked the Vet if the dog is truly ill, if so, no ticket, just a *** chewing.


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                          "You can get another" is harsh, but I think Sarkis' re-write comes a lot closer to the truth of the matter. My question: where does the 15 minutes come into play (from the summary--the tape's under 3 minutes)?

                          Just how far was this emergency vet clinic, anyhow? (It's just under 5 from my house to the emergency vet here, but that's all city streets. It's also less than 2 miles from here to the regular vet, but in a completely different direction--reg. vet is south of here, emergency vet is east.)
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                            I'm sorry, but no dog is worth risking my life, or the life of any other human being. If the dog was choking, it likely would have died in the drive to the vet anyway.
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                              Notice the video ends just as the officer is starting to show some sympathy and compassion....
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