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  • NEW-Police /Military Poem

    DEDICATED TO ALL THOSE THAT HAVE PASSED OUT OF OUR LIVES“Keeper of Men”Early in life, God had chosen me
    to look after his children here on earth,
    to protect the innocent while pursuing the guilty.

    As I’ve been blessed with this awesome task,
    I was required to sacrifice many things that others enjoy,
    In order to fulfill my mission.

    For I had been chosen to keep peace,
    in a world which violence takes no vacation,
    I was at many times required to be away from my family.

    Yes, I have missed many exciting times in our lives,
    Birthdays, first steps and first words,
    But I know there is no end to us,
    Only another beginning, in another place.

    Although I’ve left this world,
    I know that in the next, I will be able to look down,
    Look back and see all that I have missed.

    Do not be sad for me,
    For I believe that God will grant me that one wish,
    For I have done what was asked of me

    I knew the rewards would be great some day
    As I chose to embrace my mission,
    For God would not guide me, where I was not to go.

    I’ve had so little time here on earth,
    But now I’m with my God, who has rewarded me,
    By calling me home.

    Do not remember me as leaving you alone,
    As I will always be with you now,
    Watching over you from the heavens above,
    Continuing my calling…as a “Keeper of Men”

    ©David P. Kristofek

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    That's a really great poem.


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